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Home » Regulation » HCMC Issues Warning Against Fraudulent Platforms

HCMC Issues Warning Against Fraudulent Platforms

Hellenic Capital Market Commission
Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

The Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), created under Greek law in 1991, is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the operation of Greece’s capital market, a pivotal element for the nation’s economic expansion.

As a part of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), HCMC oversees compliance with securities laws in Greece, including tender offers, as acknowledged by Thomson Reuters.

HCMC Flags Fraudulent Trading Websites

In a move to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the market, the HCMC issued warnings on March 15, 2023, and July 20, 2023, regarding fraudulent online trading platforms misrepresenting authorized companies.


The HCMC first alerted investors in March 2023 about certain fraudulent online trading platforms that were using misleading information identical or similar to VIE FINANCE AEPEY and CAPITAL Securities AEPEY, both supervised by the HCMC.

Specifically, VIE FINANCE AEPEY and CAPITAL Securities AEPEY confirmed they had no connection with the following websites:

  • www.allcryptcapital.com (unlawfully using the name and licensing of CAPITAL Securities AEPEY)


The July 2023 warning focused on websites misrepresenting VIE FINANCE AEPEY, which reiterated its lack of connection with the fraudulent online trading platforms listed in the previous warning and identified additional ones:

Fraudulent Websites List

The following is a comprehensive list of the flagged fraudulent websites:


March 15, 2023 List
titancfd.com crypheine.com crypfrex.com
crypgiran.com axicapitals.com bitheet.com
crypbarry.com bitwayne.com axicapitalcfd.com
bitbary.com cryptobary.com make-crypto.com
bitopeer.com crypruna.com coinrace.com
bitdexio.com taumpun.com crypatlant.com
bitbarry.com bitatlant.com bitofia.com
cryptohox.com btcamix.com make-crypto.com
cryphox.com crypaden.com btcanyx.com
exchange-pro.online.com bitevaio.com crypsnex.com
btcatix.com bitparet.com bitmirc.com
bitwux.com naerax.com cryptoyos.com
tradeclay.com mondialFx.com up-bit.com


July 20, 2023 List
bbit.space bit24hrr.com bit24hr.com
bitdelux.com bitexchange.space bitexchanege.com
bitglobaly.com bitlyciax.com bitlygax.com
bitparento.com bitradexc.com bitraxup.com
bitswap-trade24.org bitxzobe.com cladexbit.com
coinbitxrade.com coindot.us coinhqx.com
coinrace.space.com coinregens.com concoincenter.com
crytobitfx.com cryptoexchangee.com cryptotourbit.com
dash.fortissio-invest.com deltaftx.com electsbit.com
exchange.com exchangesmart.org exchanege.com
excoin24.net excoinway.com exgold.org
exbit24.net exswibit.com f-change.io
groxbitly.com jexibit.com moblcoin.com
molliebit.com moonexbit.com nexuschange.io
nicetrade.org paycrypt.space payfullcoin.com
payregcoin.com poechange.com regenbit.com
smartchange.in.net swap24.org towrbit.com
upp-bit.com votbit.com vcrypta.com
cwchange.co bitflame.org bitparento.com

The HCMC urges investors to verify the authorisation and supervision status of companies and online trading platforms on both the HCMC website and the relevant competent authorities of other EU Member States before entering into any transaction.

It’s worth noting that the HCMC does not supervise markets of cryptoassets and services related to investments in cryptoassets.

In conclusion, investors are urged to exercise due diligence when interacting with online trading platforms, particularly in relation to investments in cryptoassets.

While the HCMC continues to work towards the protection and efficient operation of the capital market, investors themselves play a crucial role in maintaining market integrity by staying informed and vigilant.

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