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MyChargeback is not available in United Kingdom.

Chargeback - Recover Your Funds!

Your Chargeback Rights – Fight Back!

If you have been the victim of an online fraud, we would advise speaking to MyChargeBack, a specialist group that has worked on thousands of online fraud cases. Their team is highly trained, and will work with you to build up dispute cases for the false transaction(s).

Once you complete the form above, your case will be reviewed to determine whether it qualifies under any of their fund recovery programs. Thereafter, a member of their team will reach out to book a free consultation, and outline the various recovery options you can pursue.

Whether your case qualifies for a chargeback process is dependent on its specifics (i.e. the communications, documentation, terms & conditions, etc. that you had with the scam organization). However, as a victim of a true scam, it is highly likely that you will qualify for one of MyChargeBack’s programs.

Post-qualification, MyChargeback will determine fees that apply to your unique situation. In most online fraud cases, a chargeback is viewed as the best option to recoup funds lost. In layman terms, a chargeback is the process of a cancellation and subsequent refund of a charge incurred on your bank-issued card. One of the following two criteria have to be met to initiate a chargeback process.

  • Funds deposited to the scam organization were charged via credit/debit card; or
  • Funds deposited to the scam organization were charged via bank transfer.

Many banks across the world have highly bureaucratic, convoluted processes for customer service and fund recovery. This is where having a partner like MyChargeBack at your side adds value by supporting you in the end-to-end resolution of your issue.

Depending on the complexity of your case, it may take up to a few weeks to be fully resolved, at the end of which, you should (hopefully!) receive all or a majority of the funds back in your account from the fraudulent transaction.

The Chargeback Process Explained:

• An evaluation will be made to assess whether the scam organization you worked with was a real company or a fake/unregulated entity. This insight on whether the company had the requisite licensures to operate legally is key to crafting the optimal chargeback strategy.

• A chargeback deals with deposits, not profits or bonuses. Gather all your bank records and account statements. This will help speed the process along.

• You will need to reach out to the company that wrongfully charged your funds as a preliminary step. We acknowledge that you may have tried to do this unsuccessfully already.

In that scenario, fill out the form to have a specialist assist you in developing a fund recovery strategy to get funds back in your account!

Best Practices:

Ensure that you gather all your communications (online, live chat history, and offline), documents, and other relevant evidence for your case, or at least know how and where you can retrieve it when asked.

All of this information will be useful for building your case effectively with the banks, and will be required anyways once the chargeback process is initiated.

Remember: the more information you can provide, the stronger your case becomes.

What are my chances in winning a chargeback case?

There are a lot of case-specific variables involved that can differ from one case to the next. Some of the factors include the information and evidence you are able to provide, your bank’s policies, your deposit history, etc.

Beyond a chargeback, there are other alternatives that can be pursued against the wrongful organization if you have a strong case. Sometimes, a settlement can be reached. In general, with all other things equal, the more evidence you can gather, the more powerful your strategy and the greater your likelihood of winning.

What is the average time for a chargeback process?

The average length from end to end for a completed chargeback is usually around 20 days. This is the time it takes from the point that you contact MyChargeBack to a resolved outcome. However, case-specific variables can also skew this timeline.

Fraudulent transactions are increasingly common, and as a consumer, it is in your best interest to not engage with any non-regulated companies online. However, if you have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction, you can and should take the necessary steps to recoup your hard-earned funds.

MyChargeBack is a recognized expert in complex card-not-present transaction disputes that has helped consumers across the world recover millions in lost funds from fraudulent transactions.

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