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Address EE: Roosikrantsi tn 2-K326, Keslinna city district, Tallinn,Harju county, 10119, Estonia
Address BG: 85 James Boucher Blvd, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +441217900551
Company: Pairs Ltd and Gum Ltd
Company Address: Marshall Islands
Regulation: Not Regulated
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Weiss Finance. The most honest review


Are you considering using Weiss finance as forex brokers? However, you are afraid that you might be making a mistake in investing with them? Then, you are in the right place. There are so many scams out there, that involved forex brokers, that it is hard to know if you can trust the brokers or not.


Before you can start using Weiss finance, it is a great idea to make sure that you know exactly if you can use them, without any risks. That they are reliable and trustworthy. What are regulators, other traders, and professionals saying about Weiss Finance? Now, you will know the truth about them, with this honest review.


Company information


Many people mistook Weiss finance as a Swiss company. However, this isn’t the case. It is, in fact, an Estonian company that is trading in English and German. They are situated in Estonia and was founded in the middle of 2017. They are trading in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

There isn’t much historical information about them and for sure no mention of being registered and regulated. And, this is where we are getting suspicious. Why would a registered broker, not give that information on their website? They have a valid address, telephone numbers, and email addresses, but this doesn’t mean that you should make use of them.


The platform that they are using


If you are an experienced trader, you will know that the platform that you should use is MT4. This is if you want to use the best platform on the market and if you want to have the best chance of succeeding with Forex trading.

This is where the problem with Weiss finance start. They don’t make use of MT4. In fact, they are making use of a platform that is unpopular and that doesn’t really have a lot of information about online. Meaning that they don’t make sure that you have the best tools on the market to succeed in trading.


Are they registered and regulated?


At first sight to their website, there isn’t any information about being registered and regulated by an international service. This is strange, and we investigate further.

If they were registered, they will not have a problem with giving that information on their website. With further investigation, it shows that they aren’t registered at any international service. And, this means that they aren’t regulated as well. This is the first sign that something might not be right with Weiss finance.


Extra fees and commission paid to them


With every broker, you will need to pay something to them. Sometimes it is a percentage of your trading profit. Sometimes it is a monthly account fee. However, when you are looking at Weiss finance you will see that there are some extra fees and commission that you should pay them. They are making it clear that you are going to pay these fees, but is this legitimate?

Why are they asking for more fees than other legit brokers? And, then they aren’t even registered and regulated. The last thing that you want is to give your profit away to the brokers.


Minimum deposit and payment options


They have a couple of payment options that you can make use of. But, there are some of the more reliable payment options that aren’t an option there. Another thing that is bothering us, is the minimum deposit that you need to pay before you can start trading.

This is a lot more than the other, recommended brokers. There isn’t any real need for this high deposit before you can start trading.


No customer reviews available


Something strange is that there aren’t really any customer reviews from traders available. They are not that new, so there should be a couple of reviews available. Did the brokers remove these reviews, or aren’t there any good things to say about the company?

You should be really careful if you want to use brokers that don’t have any reviews that you can read. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any complaints. The brokers just might control what is published and what isn’t.


Not proven to be illegal, but now proof that they are legit either


With the research done and gathering all the information, we conclude that there isn’t any evidence that Weiss finance is illegal and a scam. However, we could not find any information that is stating that they are legit and that they are recommended for trading.

The problem that we have here, is that even if we could not really find anything illegal, they are still not registered and regulated. And, there isn’t any proof that they are legit. Meaning that for us, we don’t recommend them for trading forex. This is because of the lack of proof that you can use them without any problems.


What regulators are saying about them


There might not be any official warning out from regulators to Weiss finance brokers. However, they don’t recommend them either. This is why it is better to use another broker that is legit and that is recommended by regulators. To ensure that you don’t make a mistake in using a broker that is going to take all your money.

Weiss Finance Brokers. They might not prove that they are illegal, but they are still not recommended. This is because of the platform that they are using, the lack of registration information and the lack of customer reviews. We recommend that you should rather use another broker that is legit and that have their registration number.




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