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Company: Yield Enterprise Currency Software OÜ
Company Address: 4th & 5th floors, 14 Terbatas street, Riga, LV1011, Latvia
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UproFX. Full and honest review


There is a different type of brokers that you can make use of. There are the forex brokers and the CFD brokers. Then, there are those brokers that are offering both forex and CFD trading. It is important to make sure that you are using the right broker for trading.

This is why it is essential to make sure that you know as much about a broker as possible. Not only to know what type of broker they are but to know if they are legit and recommended. This is everything that you need to know about UproFX brokers.



More about the brokers


UproFX is brokers that are situated in Estonia. Making them offshore brokers.  They are known as forex and CFD brokers and they do offer a great number or cryptocurrencies to trade with.

It is important to make sure that brokers are publishing an official address and other company information. When looking at UproFX, you will see that they do offer an address, telephone number, and an email address. They are also giving information about the company that they are registered to. However, this isn’t the only things that you should look at when choosing a broker.


Registered and regulations information


When it comes to checking if they are registered and regulated, you need to be very careful. They are claiming to be registered, but there is something about it, that isn’t recommended. The registration company is situated in Latvia. This isn’t an international recognized registration company. Meaning that to trade internationally, they aren’t registered correctly.

And, because they aren’t registered internationally, they aren’t regulated as well. The most important thing to consider when you are choosing a broker. You never use a broker that isn’t regulated at all. There are no guarantees that such a broker is going to trade legally without changing their terms and conditions as they wish.


Account and minimum required deposit info


UproFX is offering four different accounts that you can use. Four different accounts that you can choose from in order for you to use the right one for you. The accounts they are offering are classic account, silver account, gold account, and the premium account.

When it comes to the minimum required deposit, we found a serious problem. Only the classic account has minimum required deposit information. The rest doesn’t have any other information at all. It is important to know what the deposit of each account is before you can make a decision about the account you are going to use. And, if they don’t offer such information, you won’t know if this is going to be an account to use or not.


Good things about using these brokers


There are a couple of good things about UproFX that most traders consider using them as their brokers. The first thing is the fact that they are offering a huge amount of cryptocurrency pairs that traders can use. Making the choice for trading so much better.

The other thing that is great, is their payment methods. They are making use of most e-wallet payments for paying and withdrawing funds.


A platform that they are using


It is important to know the platform that they are using and offering to their traders. MT4 is one of the best and most recommended platforms to use. However, UproFX doesn’t offer MT4 or any other reliable platform to their brokers.

The platform is important because you want to use a platform that is never going offline and that isn’t giving you incorrect info. And, this isn’t what you are going to get with using this broker.


They are offering managed accounts


This is something really important to know. UproFX is offering managed accounts. This might sound great at first, but this actually means that they aren’t forex and CFD brokers as they claim to be.

Brokers that are offering managed accounts is known as a Market Maker and not a broker. Making the risks so much higher and using them not recommended at all.


What are regulators saying about the brokers


When you are looking at what the regulators are saying about the brokers, you are getting all the information needed. Regulators are warning against using these brokers. For a large number of reasons. The first and most important reason is that they aren’t registered and regulated. And, it seems that they are a Market Maker and not a broker as they claim to be.

Regulators are also warning about using them, because of the number of complaints that there are against these brokers. Complaints that they are making it difficult to withdraw funds from the account.

At first glance, UproFX seems like a great broker that you can use for trading. However, with further investigation, it became clear that this isn’t as great as what most brokers thought. There are many irregularities about these brokers that are making it risky to use. And, because they are offshore brokers, that aren’t internationally registered or regulated, this is making it even a higher risk to use. It is recommended that you should rather look for a broker with better and more positive reviews.



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Post Author: ScamRecovery

7 thoughts on “UproFX Review

  • Tony russell

    (March 29, 2019 - 1:48 am)

    I got groomed in by these very persuasive people, namely a Martin Chase and David Mor of uprofx. I didn’t risk too much , only 500 Euros. They started to trade forex currencies on my behalf using only 10% of my deposit and very quickly showed some very promising trades all of which were profitable, no losses at all. They were talking of making 22% per month and their “trades” were beating this. All designed to suck me in further I suspect, which they tried to do by inviting me to invest a much larger amount. They put me on an online trading table so I could see what they were alleging to be doing for me. I could see all the forex trades, prices, volumes etc. in my account. It all looked very convincing but could have all been fake. I became wary at this stage and asked to withdraw my deposit. They came up with all sorts of reasons why a withdrawal didn’t happen. I became annoyed and became abusive , both verbally and by email, all to no avail. I tried a deal with them that if they gave my deposit back they could keep the profits they said they’d made and once received I would then enter into a much larger investment, like 12,500 euros. After 2 months hey eventually got the processor firm they use to send my money back and I received every penny by which time I had escaped their clutches. I had no intention of doing anything further with them. They still ring me and try their luck but of course I’m that much wiser. Very nice friendly people but utter villains, preying on unsuspecting mugs. My advice is to stay away.

  • George

    (May 29, 2019 - 4:34 pm)

    I have registered in uprofx and i am trying to collect informations about them to know what other people say for it and if I can trust it. Thanks a lot for your time and help in this.

  • TSmyth

    (May 30, 2019 - 7:06 am)

    I to have experienced the exact same script from UproFx
    My initial deposit/ investment of £500 has steadily and impressively grown to £840 ish over a few months.
    I have endeavoured to make a withdrawal to test the system and likewise making a withdrawal is not encouraged.
    I experienced issues with my deposit, an epic story in its self.
    I’ve had to open a coinbase account where withdrawals would be deposited from my UproFx account as bitcoin, from there to your registered bank account.
    It seems one cannot have monies/ profits paid directly into the bank from which the initial deposit was actioned.
    Groomed is indeed an excellent description of the procedure.
    Firstly I was dealing with Jordan Quinn who was very knowledgeable, convincing and super friendly.
    Jordan was suddenly out of the picture and replaced by his superior David Moor who equally comes across as a very convincing, friendly and trustworthy successful guy who’s interested in little old (65) me
    Human nature as it-is tells me to believe and trust these guys /organisation, another part says get out of it. It’s too good to be true.
    This saga is ongoing.

  • Peter Bailey

    (July 6, 2019 - 7:46 pm)

    I got sucked in by these very persuasive people and got an account manager assigned to me, firstly a Joseph Friedmann then a Tony Atlas and then finallly Gabriel Vela of UproFX. I didn’t risk too much , only 500 Euros as an initial outlay. They started to trade currencies, mainly digital, on my behalf using only 5% of my deposit, so I am told, and very quickly showed some very promising trades all of which were profitable, no losses at all. But, the real issue is simple to me; there is absolutely no point in making money in my name, using my initial money, when I cannot obtain those profits at all – absolutely pointless! The whole sysem is designed to suck me in further I suspect, which they have tried to do by inviting me to invest a much larger amount.

    I have since became very annoyed, both verbally and by email but, all to no avail, so far. After many moths of trying I have managed to get back 200 euro of the 500 euro inital outlay but although my outlay balance is 300 euro they the balance currently stands at approaching 700 euros so, I now want it all back! I have no intention of doing anything further with them, or anybody else as at this point in time, as they have put me off the idea entirely! My advice is to stay away as far as possible!!!

  • Marie

    (July 12, 2019 - 5:03 pm)

    By coincidence my choice became UproFx. An unknown company to me. I am 70+ and not completely new with traiding and ordinary stock market. Got a pushy man on the thread, Tony Atlas. After he stepped around like a Steem Roler, he finished with me and handed over the work to Jacob Fisher. Jacob was a nice man who promised big and wide. It was easy to make money, a lot of money. If they only took care of my money then the sky would open up. It started with that I did not come in with the right document, then our conversation went wrong. The contact was broken. my money was inaccessible. They stopped ringing. Their phone numbers could not be dialed, email could be sent but there were no answers. In the middle, someone called just to say that I didn’t come in with the right document. They could not send money because I had not verified me. Everything seemed impossible. The money still remains with them.

  • kuldeep

    (July 27, 2019 - 12:54 pm)

    yes scamster

  • Philip Groves

    (September 26, 2019 - 5:45 pm)

    With an initial investment of 500 €uro, everything was going just fine, and I was impressed by the amount my account was increasing. But after about three months all contact seemed to vanish. The web site was unobtainable, and (as others have said) e-mails asking what’s going on just don’t get answered. I did get one “profit payment” of 50 €uro, which of course was meant to show me I was on to a good thing. My “manager” was one Dan Herrman, although he has now passed me over to Bea Richards. I have also spoken to a “boss” who invited me to increase my investment to the Premium level, but as a wise fish, I didn’t bite at the hook being offered.
    And now all IT contact with UproFX has ceased!!

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