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Ubanker brokers can’t be trusted


The South African brokers, Ubanker, is one of the brokers that many people are using. However, before you can start making use of them, you need to make sure that you know if they can be trusted and that they are legit. The last thing that you want, is to make use of a service that can’t be trusted and where you might lose a lot of money with. This is why it is recommended that you are making sure that you know everything there is to know about these brokers.



What is Ubanker and what services do they offer?


Ubanker is a broker company that is situated in South Africa. They are trading in a huge variety of investment options. Some are claiming that this is a legit company, while others will disagree. Ubanker is making use of Profit or Web Profit trading software.

The services that they do offer are Forex pairs, Market Indexes, CFD trading on Stocks and Commodities. They are a multi-language company that has a minimum investment premium of $200. They are promising a huge turnaround and lots of bonus money. However, is this promise really legit?


Are they a registered broker company?


This is something really important to know. If you want to know for sure if a broker’s service like Ubanker is legit, then you should look if they are registered and regulated.

In this case with Ubanker, it is important to know that they aren’t registered and they aren’t regulated. Meaning that they can actually make and break their own rules. There are rumors that if you are making use of unregistered and unregulated brokers, that your payout and profit will be so much higher. However, this is really far from the truth. You will not really know if you can trust them in any way. This is why this might be a sign that Ubanker can’t be trusted. They aren’t regulated or a registered broker company.


Red flags that this broker company might not be trusted


There are a couple of red flags that are showing that Ubanker brokers might not be trusted. First of all, they are brokers from another country. A country with lots of negative publicity. Their minimum investment amount is $200. This is a lot, considering that you don’t have any guarantees for profit and for becoming successful.

You are only going to get bonus money if you have made 500 times your investment money. If you are making your sums, you will realize that this is impossible. So, getting any serious profit isn’t going to happen at all.

This is a relatively new broker service. And, if you want to make serious money, using a new broker is going to be risky. There isn’t much information about the brokers on the internet at all. This can be scary to invest in forex if you don’t get information about the brokers.


What are regulators saying about Ubanker


What are regulators are saying about Ubanker? Because this is a broker service for another country, this is normally a huge risk to make use of them for investing. And, because they aren’t really registered, they can’t be regulated. They can actually do just as they pleased. This isn’t recommended that you are making use of a company that can’t be trusted and that is situated in another country.

The minimum deposit amount is huge. Even for South Africans. And, this is also a sign that they might be illegal or fraudsters. This is confirmed when you are looking at the regulations about withdrawing your money and getting bonus money as well.


Is Ubanker Legit or a Scam?


The final answer. Is Ubanker legit or not. This is where the problem gets in. This might be a legit forex broker, but there isn’t any proof that they are legit or not. And, because they are relatively still new, you won’t find any reviews that are proof that the broker service is legit.

Ubanker. Just another broker service that you can find online? Or, is this actually a scam that you should stay away from. Because this is an unregistered broker service, and can’t be regulated, it is advisable to be careful in using this service. There are many other services on the market that is more reliable and trustworthy than Ubanker. And, if you are considering making use of Ubanker, you should make sure that you don’t regret it later on in life.



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