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Forex Fury Review

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

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🏠 Company Rypax Inc.
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If you’ve ever thought about diving into the busy world of forex trading, you might have heard about automated systems like ForexFury.

It’s a tool that’s designed to make forex trading easy by doing the hard work for you. But does it really do what it says? Let’s take a good look at what ForexFury is all about.

ForexFury Details

Forex Fury is an online Forex trading robot promoted by other websites such as TradeWithPat, and registered under the company Rypax Inc.

They doesn’t disclose their location on their site. For contact, they provide only email support via, no phone number.

Their website can be found at

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Understanding Forex Fury

Unrealistic Promises

ForexFury assert a whopping 93% winning track record, a figure that seems striking, especially considering it surpasses the performance of some of the world’s top audited trading companies.


This should immediately raise eyebrows. Realistically, generating hundreds of percent annually is something even the most successful Forex companies struggle to achieve.

Thus, it seems improbable that a tool available for a one-time fee of just $229 could outperform these established entities.


It begs the question – if ForexFury were truly capable of delivering such outstanding results, wouldn’t the creators be enjoying their own generated riches rather than selling it for a relatively nominal fee?

The Reality Behind the Rhetoric

Despite its attractive promises, the reality appears to diverge significantly from the glossy marketing of Forex Fury.

There have been numerous reports and complaints from users who report that while the platform performs well on demo accounts, the results drastically worsen when real money is involved.



According to multiple posts on trading forums, such as Forex Peace Army, the success rate of trades when using a real money account is disappointingly low, with an average of 80% losing trades.

The ForexFury Approach

Browsing through the Forex Fury website, it’s hard to miss the array of screenshots showcasing spectacular performances and winning trades.


Yet, it’s crucial to note a small detail tucked away in their risk disclaimer.

It turns out, the dazzling results displayed are not born out of actual trading. They are, instead, based on simulated or hypothetical performance.


This means that the results could potentially misrepresent the reality of trading, given that these simulations may not adequately account for certain market conditions, such as liquidity.

ForexFury’s trading program seems to be designed with the advantage of hindsight, which raises questions about whether users can actually achieve the profits or avoid the losses being displayed. It’s a stark reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and it’s essential to tread carefully.

On Demo Accounts

ForexFury seems to flourish in the risk-free environment of demo accounts. This has led to some users being initially impressed and convinced of the robot’s capabilities.

With Real Money

However, a major concern is the drastic dip in success when the robot handles real money. Users have reported losing significant portions of their capital.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially for those enticed by the promising performance on demo accounts.


ForexFury, despite its claims and initial impressions, seems to fall short in the practical arena of real money trading. Based on user reviews and testimonials, it becomes evident that the robot’s performance is significantly worse with real money accounts compared to demo ones.

This stark contrast is a cause for concern and points towards the possible deceptive nature of the platform.

Before choosing an automated trading tool like Forex Fury, thorough research and diligence are essential. Always remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Got Scammed by Forex Fury?

If you have lost money with Forex Fury, stay calm. It has likely happened to many others, and it its important to learn from these experiences. Do not forget that even the most cautious investors can fall victim to online fraud.

The good news is that there is help available. The team at MyChargeBack – a specialist group dedicated to helping consumers recover funds lost online – can help you.

5 Simple Steps To Get A Chargeback From Forex Fury

Follow our straightforward guide to efficiently reclaim your lost funds from Forex Fury with minimal hassle.

  1. Complete the Form: Begin by completing the form above, providing necessary details about your case. This allows the team to understand your situation with Forex Fury and prepare for the consultation.
  2. Get A Free Consultation: Schedule a free consultation with MyChargeBack team of experts. During this consultation, they will assess your case and offer guidance on the best course of action to recover your lost funds from Forex Fury.
  3. In-Depth Case Analysis: As you proceed with MyChargeBack, their expert team conducts an in-depth analysis of your case, identifying the optimal chargeback strategy for fund recovery based on your unique circumstances.
  4. Recovery Process: Their team of specialists scrutinizes your case, collects evidence, and negotiates with the involved parties to expedite the recovery of your funds. MyChargeBack team will consistently communicate with you and your bank or card issuer during the chargeback process.
  5. Fee Payment: Upon successful recovery of your funds lost to Forex Fury, MyChargeBack charges a fee as a percentage of the reclaimed amount. If fund recovery is unsuccessful, no fees apply, except in exceptionally complex cases.

Through these five straightforward steps, MyChargeBack simplifies the fund recovery process, enabling you to reclaim your money from Forex Fury with minimal inconvenience.


What is ForexFury?

ForexFury is an automated trading robot designed for Forex trading. It is meant to automate the trading process, promising high success rates.

Does ForexFury perform well on demo accounts?

Yes, according to user feedback, ForexFury tends to perform well on demo accounts, showing a high success rate in trades.

How does ForexFury perform with real money?

User reports suggest that ForexFury’s performance significantly dips when real money is used. The win rate on trades drops drastically, leading to significant losses.

Is ForexFury reliable for real money trading?

Based on available user feedback, ForexFury appears to perform poorly with real money trading, leading to a majority of trades being lost.

Should I use ForexFury for my Forex trading?

It is essential to conduct thorough research before deciding on any trading platform, including ForexFury. User testimonials and reviews indicate a poor performance of ForexFury in real money trading scenarios, which should be a crucial consideration.

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