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Address: 3422 Old Capitol Trail PMB# 989 Wilmington DE 19808
Phone: +1(301)205-6012
Company: Tradersvolt Ltd
Regulation: Not Regulated
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Traders Volt is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend TradersVolt
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Everything you need to know about Traders Volt


When it comes to brokers, it is essential that you are taking your time and making sure that you are choosing the best brokers that you can find. There are thousands of brokers online, but most of them are not registered or regulated.

Traders Volt is one of these thousands of brokers that you can use online. With doing research, we found that there is a huge amount of irregularities that you should know about. Irregularities that show that this might not be the best broker to use for trading. This is what we could find out about Traders Volt and everything you need to know about them.



Info about the company


Traders Volt are forex and CFD brokers. There are a couple of cryptocurrency pairs that you can trade with. They are offshore brokers and situated in Wilmington DE.

With further investigation, we found that they have a valid physical address, telephone number, and email address.  And, they have a legit, official web address. However, this is basically the only legit thing that we could find about them. Most of the other things about them can’t be found or don’t exist.


Are they registered and regulated?


No, they are for sure not registered or regulated. There is no information online that suggest that they are registered in any way, to any international company. This means that they are basically illegal brokers.

This also means that they can’t be regulated. Only brokers that are registered internationally can be regulated as well. It is essential to only use brokers that are registered and that are regulated. To ensure that you are using brokers that are reviewed and that are controlled all the time. Making it hard for them to scam traders.


Account information and minimum required deposits


No matter how hard we were searching, we could not find any information about the account options that a trader normally can choose from, from a broker. This means that when you are registering with them, you will not be able to choose the right account option according to your needs.

And, this also means that there isn’t any information about the minimum required deposit from the different accounts that you can choose from. Not knowing the amount that you will need to pay for each account option. It is also unclear if there is any demo account available.


The platform that they are making use of


Another problem that we have is the information about the platform that Traders Volt is using and offering to their traders. The problem is that there isn’t any information available. Not even on their official website.

This can make it hard for traders to know if the platform is a known platform, a popular platform or one of the platforms that are unreliable and not recommended at all. This is one of the more important things that you should know before you can choose a broker.


Any positive information about them


Normally, when you are reading a review, you will get positive and the benefits of using a broker. Things like great payment options, the platform that they are using, bonus offerings, etc. This is something that we couldn’t find with Traders Volt.

There isn’t much information about them available online. Not on their website, or anywhere else on the internet. Making it hard to know if this is a broker that you can use without any problems. This is the reason for concern. The question that you should be asking, is why isn’t there any information about the brokers online.


What are traders saying about Traders Volt


Traders that have used Traders Volt before doesn’t recommend other traders to use these brokers. This is because there are so many irregularities and withdraw problems reported by traders. This is one of the brokers that are high on the list of brokers that shouldn’t be used.

Many traders have problems with the broker and the fees that they are asking. With withdrawing their funds again, and to get communication done between them.


What are regulators saying about Traders Volt


Regulators don’t only warn against Traders Volt. Many have blacklisted them from being used by traders. This is because of the trader’s reviews, and the fact that they aren’t regulated and registered.

It is also because there is so little information about them that traders can go on. Making it hard to know if you can use these brokers without any problems or not.

If there is one broker that you should stay away from, then it is Traders Volt. This is because these brokers don’t provide all the necessary information needed. Not traders or regulators are recommending Traders Volt as brokers. We found that some of the info on their website is incomplete and that there isn’t any clear terms and conditions for trading. If you want to start trading, this isn’t the best broker to start with. There are much better, and much more recommended brokers out there.



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