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Address: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1HN; 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR
Phone: 02036086060
Company: TRADE24 Investments Ltd
Regulation: Not Regulated
Remarks: Trade24 is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds is not safe. We are not going to recommend Trade24
Trade24 Rating
Trade24 Warning
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warns against Trade24!
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The Infamous Forex Scam


Trade24 is a trading platform that has been misleading traders right from the start. This platform is famous for refusing withdrawal requests, it forges license information and doesn’t accept any responsibility for clients who lose their savings.


Following, we are going review this broker in detail and point out how it scams people.


Blacklisted by OSC


Ontario Securities Commission is a Crown Corporation that regulates the capital market in Ontario. It protects investors against fraudulent practices in the financial market. The OSC has added Trade24 to their Warning List.

Trade24 is moving to this list as it engages in activities which pose a direct risk to invests. The commission urges every investor to stay away from it and be cautious of such companies in the future.  Trade24 is not registered in Canada, but it had been doing business and scamming people there for a while.


Blacklisted by IFSC


Trade24 is not regulated by ECN. But it has managed to get blacklisted by two financial authorities, and we will explain how.

International Financial Services Commission Belize is yet another financial regulator that blacklisted Trade24. Belize (formerly known as British Honduras) is an independent Commonwealth real on Eastern Coast of Central America. IFSC mentions on the website that Trade24 is not licensed to operate in Belize.

The broker is doing business in the respective country without being authorized by any respective authority. IFSC also makes it clear that it never authorized Trade24 to operate in Belize, and the License No. IFSC/60/350/TS/15-16 is fake. Trade24 has forged this license


Blocks Your Withdrawals


Trade24 blocks user withdrawal after a few months of use. Many former users are complaining their account is blocked, and they can’t withdraw. Many users went to the bank and made a chargeback, but it didn’t help their case.

It starts with company calls; the company begs people to make a deposit and promise they can withdraw it anytime. Once the user wires money, they experience trouble accessing their own money. If you want to withdraw your money, you will go through the verification process and access your personal information.

Once the verification process is complete, the company shows an error (it comes with an excuse every time) and blocks your account.




A typical, every fraud broker leaves theirs About Us section empty. Yes, you will find plenty of content, but it’s useless. The company doesn’t provide any valuable information like Team, Company History and Background.

Trade24 says it was established in 2007 in Switzerland. So far, it has moved the location from Switzerland to UK and Belize. The whole page is dedicated to the mission statement, how many pairs this company trade, their office address, etc. The company says it has offices in Paris, London New Zealand, and Zurich.

These are lies; the addresses are fake. Yes, their numbers work, but you won’t find their offices.


Final Word


Two Financial Regulatory Authorities have issues warnings against Trade24 and have blacklisted it. This pretty much makes our case, Trade24 is fake, and you should stay away from it.



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    Been scammed online

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    I have being scammed

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