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Address: Langley House, Park Road, London N2 8EY
Phone: 02037000000 02037697189 02037699872 02070661000
Company: Global Fin Services Limited trading
Regulation: Not Regulated
Trade12 Rating
Trade12 Warning
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warns against Trade12!
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Any company that whites out their company ownership from view is asking for trouble.  Apparently, Trade12 is owned by Exo Capital Markets Limited in the Marshal Islands.  This does not bode well.  Any serious trading enterprise which is avoiding true regulatory structures and agencies is a sign they do not have a client-centered approach.  It indicates that should there be an issue, there would actual government agency to speak to.


Try to read the company information – it’s not very easy.

Trade12 is an online trading brokerage with a complete offshore approach to international clients.  At least they warn people about the risks of trading, but their business structure should be risky enough for potential clients to be very much on guard.




It would seem that such an operation like Trade12 one brand associated with a number of other online trading sites.

There are publicly reported complaints on the popular forums. No response from Trader12 can be found in response to these complaints.  Any reviews of positivity are firstly not in-depth if they are to be found on other popular trading, forex aggregate websites.

As Trader12 offers its services in multiple languages, it seems to have a strong support structure to be aggressively marketing to international markets.

The only positive reviews are based on partner sites.  In the only forums, where the clients can be found, there seems to be a hail storm of anger. On Trustpilot, a popular rating site, the company has a very poor rating and has not responded to any of its critics. This is a bad sign for any 3rd party review site. On linkedin, there seems to be about 70 people associated with this site.  Who knows?


Trading Platform


Like many other sites, Trade12 offers 3 different platforms.

  • Metatrader
  • Webtrader
  • Mobile Trader


Trading Conditions


Trade12 offers various Account Types including:

Beginner / Min deposit of $250

Standard Trading Account/ Min deposit of $10000

Expert Trading Account / Min deposit of $50,000

VIP / Contact them (please don’t!)




Contacting Trade12 seems to be no problem. They have live chat with set hours and many International phone.  The site is translated into many languages.




Trade12 appears not to be a licensed broker.



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2 thoughts on “Trade 12 Review

  • Paul chin

    (January 11, 2019 - 2:34 pm)

    I enter 100 USD in trade 12. Since last year. When I click withdraw. It show processing. But when I log out and log in immediately using same password and username. It shows wrong Id or password. When I click forgot password and received the temporary password from the website. Something happened again. Is a scam company.

  • Ramalingam

    (September 30, 2019 - 7:04 am)

    It is big Scam Company.Nobody can invest this Company.I lost USD 50,000 as huge amount in this Company.
    I sale my big property in heart of the City in home country and Still am struggling to come out this issue.

    It is No.1 Fraud trading Company.

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