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Address: Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon St, London WC2N 4JF, United Kingdom
Phone: +442032870795 +442032397894
Company: Topic Markets Limited
Regulation: Not Regulated
Topic Markets Rating
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Topic Markets is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend Topic Markets
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Post Author: ScamRecovery

2 thoughts on “Topic Markets Review

  • Thiyagaraj

    (September 29, 2019 - 9:12 pm)

    Hi everyone. Please read this carefully. I want to tell all the truth about the Topic Market company.

    This company owner is a sri lankan and this company is running from Sri Lanka under the name of Revocare Solutions (PVT) Ltd. They just open website under the name of Topic Market.The address they mentioned in the website is a totally a false one. There is no any office in UK for Topic Market.They all are calling from Sri Lanka.Please find below the contact details of the office

    Office Phone Number: +94112852390

    They are running from sri lanka and the office address: No:141/1,High level road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. But they are telling they are calling from UK.

    Also they have a partner in India. The numbers which they are calling is not real phone no. They are calling thru skype. Simply they will purchase a UK number and add Indian calling minutes.

    Now they started in a new name as well. I kindly requesting all please before you put money check and put. The money which you are depositing is directly coming to the owners.

    Kindly share this information as much as thru Facebook and Whatsapp in your country. At least you can save some one’s hard earned money.

  • Kaizee

    (October 29, 2019 - 6:27 pm)

    Last year a lady Called me and told me To join their Trading company ‘with thé name of Topic Market , i deposited R2000 To Start Trading ‘Only To find out that Everything was fake ‘after Two weeks when i try To contact thèm they were No where To be found till now.

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