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Address: PO Box 801 The Valley, Anguilla British West Indies AI-2640
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Company: Maxi Platinum Ltd and MaxiServices Ltd
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Superbinary is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend Superbinary
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Superbinary Information


Superbinary was incepted in the market in the year 2016. taxi services are the real owners of the Superbinary broker who is located in Bulgaria. Superbinary offers a variety of options, assets and expiry times to their traders. The minimum amount of deposit s almost around two hundred and fifty dollars.


Basically, Superbinary provides its customers advance services that create innumerable opportunities for them to do their trade. These opportunities include a wide range of instruments for trading, individual servicing for every trader, etc. All these things are great, but the question that rises here is that if it is a legit broker or a scam. For that purpose, deep research and proper know-how about how a legit broker works are important.


Superbinary Scam-Is it True?


Superbinary is counted among the most fast-growing online broker in the recent years because it claims around 85% return to the traders for their investments. Not just Superbinary, there are many other brokers that are working online who offer such schemes to attract traders. But the irony is that they give risk warning as well.


What they do to scam traders?


But what happens, in the end, is that they cheat you and run away with your money. Superbinary is doing the same since last fast years until it was caught in May 2017. The main tool that they use to scam the traders is that they offer free trading tools that the traders can use. But what happens is that when the traders sign up for those tools by paying the minimum amount of money, they start asking them to pay more money to use those tools.


Regulations of Superbinary


By looking into the details of the Superbinary legitimacy of use, you can clearly and fairly analyze to declare it as a scam and not a legit broker. They do not mention about any regulatory body that has given them license to do this business.

Obviously, a legit organization is regulated by a known regulation body, such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, for Superbinary also, we have first to find out if it is regulated by any such body or not to take the first step towards its evaluation. This is important because these regulation bodies give the organizations a license that proves their legitimacy.

Now, when evaluated in detail in the year 2017, it was found that Superbinary has no license and that no regulatory body is backing it. This means that the license that they show is not valid. This is the most basic thing that one must look in to is the regulation status of a broker which in case of Superbinary is missing. This means that better stay away from it because it is nothing but a scam.


Take Home Advice


As Superbinary popularity was increasing among the modern traders who like to use online broker services, many people started observing that they are scammers. Superbinary is among the top scammers that are giving false information on its official website and trapping people. Now that it is exposed, you must stay away from Superbinary and all such websites, unless or until you are confirmed about their license from a regulatory body.



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