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ADDRESS:352 Battersea Park Road London SW11 3BY UNITED KINGDOM
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PHONE: +44 203.318.9655
CONSOB warns against StockTrade Invest. Stay away from it!
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The Worst Broker in the UK?


We have a broker from the United Kingdom, so yes we are very optimistic today. We expect it to set the bar for other brokers, but let’s leave our judgment until the end of the review.


About StockTrade Invest



StockInvest Trade is a forex options broker. It is a subsidiary of StockTrade Invest LTD UK. This is a UK based company. The given address is Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BY, United Kingdom.

The company is very open about its contact details, and we always comment that. It boosts our confidence in the company.


What Does it Offer?


Stock Trade Invest offers four different accounts. The minimum deposit is 250 Euros, and maximum leverage is 1:400. There are two spreads! The broker offers three other accounts. The company covers several assets including CFDs and Forex Pairs. It also includes indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrency.




We found two major issues with StockTrade Invest; the following financial authorities have blacklisted it!


Blacklisted by CONSOB


This happened very recently, Consob updated their blacklist and Stock Trade Invest made its way into the blacklist. The company updates its blacklist now and then. This broker has recently defamed.

The Italian Financial Regular has blacklisted Stock Trade Invest. The regulator gives a clear reason why it did so. Stock Trade Invest was doing business on Italian soil without any authorization from the respective authorities.


Blacklisted by FCA


Its uncommon for a broker to be blacklisted by more than one (well-reputed) financial regulator. But this is the case with StockTrade Invest! Yes, it has been banned by two of the most proper financial authorities in the forex marketplace.

The Federal Conduct Authority blacklists StockTrade Invest. The United Kingdoms most respected Financial Regulatory has declared it fraud by unethical practices.

This is very critical, StockTrade Invest has been banned by two of the most respected authorities of the world.  Even if we found some positive suits about this company, we will refrain from doing it.


Is StockTrade Invest Legit or a Scam?


We found some positive suits about this company in the start, but we are unable to recommend this company as it has been defamed by not one, but two of the most respectable finance regulators of the world.

This is rare but very critical. We are not going to say anything about the regulators. Instead, we will take their word forward, and advice you to stay away from it.



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