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Address: 2023 Woodside Place, Glasgow, Strathclyde Region, G3 7QL, United Kingdom
Phone: +442038071338 +61281034119 +612 90984288 +61291889379 +61413690589 +610468948024
Company: Guide for Direction LP and Ace Venture Fze
Regulation: Not Regulated
StackOptions Rating
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Defunct for Good


StackOptions is a popular (not in the good sense) binary options broker that ceased all operations. Following, we are going to review it and see what led to its demise.



About StackOptions


StackOptions is a binary broker founded in 2016 by Guide for Direction LP. The brokerage is registered at 2023 Woodside Place, Glasgow, Strathclyde Region, United Kingdom.

The broker offered 100 assets with different option types and expiry times. Minimum Deposit is $250. We used the word “was” because the company is defunct, and the website is also down.


What Did It offer?


There was nothing special about StackOptions. Everything was very generic including MT4 platform, a demo account, and a few other accounts. The education material was mediocre at best because it hardly helped anyone.  To be honest, we couldn’t understand why anyone fell for this trap?




It didn’t take long to conclude StackOptions is a fraud. Yes, the broker offered some excellent amenities, but it never wanted to stay in the game for too long. If you don’t believe us, read the following:


Blacklisted by ASIC


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission shared the names of blacklisted brokers. stock options was found guilty of scamming its users. Hence it made into this list. See Proof.

Note the two names, StackOptions and Stack Options. We also searched “Stack Options” but found little to no information about it. The internet is full of “StackOption’s” stories, our guess is there was no room left for Stack Options.


Website Down


Whenever we view a broker, the first thing we do is visit their website. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it this time as is down. The site is gone, taking everyone’s money with it.

If you invested money in StackOptions, or you know someone who did, kindly advise them to use a recovery service.


Boycotts User


The broker had a knack for boycotting its users. Yes, there was quite a fuzz on the internet from former users who couldn’t contact the broker or its representative. It is common in the forex marketplace. Yes, after a broker has wiped the floor clean with your money, it ceases any contact with you.

This is the same case with StackOptions, it scammed people, and ceased contact with them. There was an outcry, the authorities took notice, and the broker made a run for it.


Issues in Payment Withdraw


Under no circumstances, a broker is allowed to delay or block your payment, except for some technical issues. But there are several guidelines and restrictions for such events. Before the site met its demise, there was a community outburst from traders who couldn’t withdraw their money.

In case you lost your money, contact a recovery specialist. They are the only people who can help you now.




What could we say now? Everything we mentioned above leads to only one conclusion, StackOptions is (or was) a scam, and you steer clear of it. The broker is blacklisted by one of the most respected financial authority, ASIC. Plus the website is down, what other proof do you need?



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  • Leo Chong Tet Leong

    (December 2, 2018 - 1:18 am)

    just another victim of Stackoptions and scammer Daniel beck

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