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ADDRESS: Carrot Tower 21F, 1-1, Taishido 4-Chome, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
PHONE: +81 3 4589 4808
This company is blacklisted by FMA
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A Japanese Financial Advisor


The Japanese have their fair share in the financial market Afterall, its one of the strongest economies in the world. Today, we are going to review a Japanese based financial company that in wrong waters for a while now.

It used to be a high esteem company that has defamed its years of service. Following, we are going to find why and how it happened?



About Shinsei Securities


Shinsei Securities is a financial advisory series and wealth managed solutions to individual and corporate clients. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Tokyo. The company has $9.7 billion assets. Shinsei Corporate Management understands the risk of forex market that have a proprietary forecasting strategy. This company follows strict regulatory guidelines that are geared towards the user.


What Does it Offer?


Shinsei Securities offer Financial Services and Wealth Management. The company acts as a Personal Investment Counselor to work with you and understand your requirements. It takes so of current financial situation.

This is not a typical forex broker we usually review.




  • Banned by FMA


The Financial Market Authority of Austria has blacklisted Shinsei Securities. This ban is the very reason we choose Shinsei Securities because FMA banned it. The company shares a different market than our usual subjects.

According to FMA, the company is found guilty of unethical financial practices. Going into details, Shinsei isn’t a very popular company. Why? It’s not because the company is not successful or anything. Instead, the company is very specific. It offers specific products and entertains a limited audience.

The scope of their service is a bit restricted, but this doesn’t suggest their quality of service is a bit low. The company used to be great, but recently it has changed its code of ethics and focused on ripping off their customers instead of accommodating them.

There were rumors that the company started phishing user accounts and skimmed money from their users. There are many complaints like this registered against the company. This paired with some other issues got the attention of FMA.

The regulator launched a full-scale investigation and found indeed some of these complains true.


Is Shinsei Securities Legit or a Scam?


Well, we didn’t review a trader from who we could advise you to stay away from. Instead, we reviewed a financial advisor. There was a time when this company was held in high esteem, but it is blacklisted now due to its harmful practices and fraudulent activities.



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