Real estate fraud. Is this really something that is happening to victims? You will be surprised about how many people are getting scammed this way. On a daily basis. There is a different type of real estate scams that you can get involved in. Especially, if you don’t do your homework.

What if you were a victim of this scam. Will you be able for real estate recovering your fund? Can you really get a service where you can get the help that you are so desperately looking for? The answer is yes. But, then you need to know everything there is to know about this service and the different real estate scams that you can come across.



There is no legit statistics about these scams


Something that is making these scams hard, is because there are no legit statistics about them. Meaning that you can’t say that one in every five real estate transactions are going to end up in a scam.

There are a couple of reasons why there isn’t really any statistics. Most people won’t report these scams when they become a victim. There is no information about how frequently this can happen. And, this is making it quite hard to try to avoid landing in the real estate fraud.


Different real estate scams at the moment


There are a couple of different real estate scams at the moment. And, most of them are because of international purchases or rentals.

Fraudsters are purchasing a cheap land or house that isn’t valuable. They are improving the pictures of the house and selling it as a high quality, recently upgraded home. They are selling it for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making up to 500% profit. When you are arriving at your new, upgraded home, you get the shock of a lifetime. And, the buyers are long gone.

The same can happen when you are renting the property for a holiday. You are paying a reasonable price for renting the property. A price that needs to be paid beforehand. When you arrive at your holiday destination, there is actually no place for you to stay. They have lied on the advertisement, and they might not even own the property, they are rented to you. Leaving you without accommodation, and with a huge amount of money lost. These are just two of the different real estate fraud options that you can become a victim at.


Why do these scams happen?


Now, you might be asking why these scams are happening. Why do people always scam other people out of money, especially when it comes to real estate? Getting real estate to recover your funds is hard, and normally you are paying a huge amount of money. This is just another quick way for scammers and fraudsters to make some extra money.

They aren’t doing anything, but they get a huge amount of money for free. It isn’t hard to scam people with real estate. Especially when it comes to international buyers. They can’t really see the house for themselves and they need to trust their “agent”. They don’t realize that it was a scam until it was too late.


FBI warning to everyone renting or purchasing homes


There is a warning out to everyone in the US that are looking for property to rent or to purchase. Fraudsters are taking legit advertisements, make some changes and post it again. Instead of you calling the real seller, you are calling the fraudster. Renting from them, a property that doesn’t even belong to them.

The FBI warns everyone to make sure that the advertisement is legit and that no one has stolen you add and post it under a false name or telephone number.


Is it too late for you? Were you one of those that have been scammed


You were one of those that fell for the real estate fraud. Is it too late for you? Is your money lost forever? The good news is that real estate gets your money back is possible. It isn’t too late for you. If you were scammed by any of the mentioned real estate scams, you have a good chance to get your money back. The secret is that you should know where to go.


You can get help and your money back


You don’t need to worry. You can get help and you can get your money back. Making sure that the fraudster plans fail. There are a couple of options that you can make use off. However, not everyone is effective and not everyone will give you the best option for real estate recover your funds.

Chargeback is the best solution that you might have. They will assist you in recovering as many funds as possible. Ensuring that you are going to get the right assistance. Chargeback is making sure that they are recovering and repaying the victims of fraud.


Qualify for chargeback


The only thing that you need to know in order to use Chargeback is that there are a couple of things that you should know about, to qualify for a chargeback.

You need to make a debit or credit card payment or make a direct banking deposit. For the credit and debit payment, the amount should be more than $5,000. For the bank deposit, the amount should be more than $10,000. Also, you need to have proof that you were trying to get in contact with the agent. Any proof will be accepted as long as it proofs that you were trying to get a refund on the payment that you made.

Real estate fraud is happening all the time. Experts can’t really say how frequently it does happen, but it is happening on a daily basis, to a lot of different people. It is important that you are making sure that you are really buying or renting the property that you have paid for. And, if you were scammed, recovering your funds is possible with Chargeback.







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