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This website is blacklisted by AMF
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Shady Bitcoins


Since the introduction of Bitcoins, the blockchain has got much attention. It rightfully deserved it, but we believe people are making money off it in the wrong way. Following, we are going to review a broker that is suspected of doing it. So, stay with us!


About RaChat Bitcoin



RaChat Bitcoin, as you would have guessed by the name, it’s a platform that typically deals only in bitcoins. The company isn’t adverted and therefore it didn’t share much information about who it is! Yes, there is little to no information available about this broker.

We only managed to scratch of things like it is elected as the best investment of the year. The company didn’t tell who awarded them.


What Does it Offer?


This may get cranky, but we also couldn’t find what the exact thing this company offers is. The website is a single page only, and there is no viable information given. We signed up with the company in hopes we will get a sneak peek, but refrained ourselves when the company straight out went and asked us for an upfront.




  • Blacklisted by AMF


We hardly got to know the website, and it already got banned by AMF. The company has made into the blacklist of Europe’s one of the finest financial regulator. Well, there aren’t many details given about how the company landed on this list, but we guess AMF did the legwork for us.


  • No Background


Like we complained before, we didn’t find any about us section, or any team member section. It seems like the whole thing was designed by a robot and left to rot in the web. How can the company expect people to trust it if no one knows the brain behind it?


  • Shady Business


We are not making this up; the company runs a shady practice. We couldn’t even find what the company offers. The company does an excellent job of keeping quiet about itself. But we don’t believe that would bring any business.

RaChat Bitcoins should have some transparency about itself and its practices.


Is RachatBitcoin Legit or a Scam?


What we could say now, the company was shady from the start, and AMF cleared all of our doubts. We want to rest this case now. If you want it, we would shout Rachatbitcoin.com is a fraud but that’s useless, AMF already did that.

So be smart and stay away from it!



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