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Address: 2 A Rue Albert Borshette, 1246, Luxembourg
Phone: +74951180527 +34955329217 +442038073537 +442080892353 +390588400022 +4942183678532
Regulation: Not Regulated
Remarks: PT Banc is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend PT Banc
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PT Banc Honest Review


If you are a trader and looking for a reliable broker, you should start by doing as much research as possible. You should also read as many reviews as possible. When you are doing research, you will come across PT Banc brokers. These are brokers that many people are using. However, are they reliable and trustworthy? This is the full and honest review about PT Banc brokers. With this review, you will see that they aren’t reliable and recommended.



Info about the broker


PT Banc is forex and CFD brokers. They are offering a selection of cryptocurrencies that you can trade with. Bitcoin is also a popular trade form, at PT Banc. They are situated in Luxembourg. There is a valid address for the brokers, and there are a huge number of telephones and email addresses that you can use.

Even if this sounds legit, there are many things that you should know, before you decide that you can use these brokers. They don’t have a good reputation, and they have way too many telephone numbers. What legit company really has this amount of telephone numbers that you can phone.


Are they registered and regulated?


The first question that you should ask is if they are registered and regulated. This is the best way to see if a broker is legit and safe to use.

With PT Banc brokers, you will see that they aren’t registered and they aren’t regulated. Meaning that they aren’t legit and they can do anything as they please. There is a huge chance that they have rules and regulations that aren’t standard and that are being used to scam traders. Especially new traders with a little bit of experience. The brokers need to be registered and regulated before you can trust them, or even consider using them for trading.


The available accounts


When you are looking at PT Banc, you will see that they are offering three different accounts. The accounts are classic, silver, and gold. There is no information about a demo account available, so you can’t check if they are reliable before you are making a deposit.

The required deposits start at $1,000 and go up to $5,000. Depending on the type of account that you are going to use.


High deposit required


Something that you should know, is that the smallest amount of deposit that you are allowed to deposit is $1,000. This is a huge amount of money to deposit if you don’t know if the brokers can be trusted.

There are brokers that don’t have these high requirements for registering your account. This is a lot of money that you can lose if you don’t make sure about your facts. It is always best to use brokers that require a much smaller amount as a deposit before you can start trading.


The platform that they are using


Another important thing that you should look at, is the platform that PT Banc is using to trade. Most experienced traders will know that the MT4 platform is the best and most recommended platform to use.

However, PT Banc is using this platform to trade. In fact, their platform is unknown and unreliable. This is making trading a lot more difficult with these brokers. And, because they don’t offer a demo account, you will not know reliable and accurate their platform really is.


PT Banc has been blacklisted


This is something serious to know. PT Banc has been blacklisted by regulators all over the world. This actually means that if you are using them for trading, you are doing this at your own risk. They aren’t safe to use, and you have a huge chance of losing a lot of money if you are ignoring the blacklist warning and still trade with them.

The main reasons why they are blacklisted is because their address is fake. There isn’t such a company at that address. And, there isn’t any other information online about a broker service called PT Banc. Making this a huge risk to use.


What are regulators saying about them?


Besides the fact that they are blacklisted, what are regulators saying about them? Regulators are warning traders to stay away from them. Every regulator has the same reason. There is way too little information about the company, and there is a huge number of negative reviews about them.

Traders are issued warnings to other traders, and reviewing them negatively and warn that they aren’t legit. This is why regulators are warning traders about PT Banc, and recommend to rather use another broker.

PT Banc, are the best brokers on the market. In fact, because of a fake address, they are blacklisted. Meaning that you are taking a huge risk by signing up with them and paying your high required deposit. Rather looking for another broker that isn’t blacklisted and that regulators are declaring save to use. PT Banc is for sure not recommended or trustworthy in any way.



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  • Hasan Ali Bamatraf

    (May 3, 2019 - 6:52 am)

    Two from PTBANC telling me the you scamed by BINARYUNO I said yes and give full information about deposite amount and profit 160000 USD deposite and total 533000 USD
    They are calling me and offer to help me to return my money as helpers Autherized from FCA to return all the investors are scamed by Binaryuno.
    The ask me to star account in then they will buy bitcons and deposite in my account but my account is not active without any thing in it ,so I deposite about 0.5 Bit they ask to deposite nearly to 3 Bits.Itis equal 12000 DHirhams
    Now they are calling to complete the deposite 18000 Dhirhams to be 30000 Dhs = 3 Bits.
    The 2 are Arab and saying that Autherized from FCA to refund my money from Binaryuno
    They are saying that they from PTBANC and like to help only .
    Please helpme and let me know what to do ? I am in need for my money from Binaryuno and afaraide to be in an other problem .
    Best regards
    Hasan Ali

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