Are you keen to make some extra money? Well, most people are, and in this quest to make extra money they do make some serious mistakes. All platforms do not give the results they promise. One such example is Profit25.

Profit25 claims to be an online advertising company. It allows the sharing of revenue among the members. The way users can make money is by clicking on the advertiser banner. At the same time, you need to buy advertisement bundles so that you can post banner ads on the Profit25 forum. The objective of posting on the forum is to get clicks.

The profit that the company earns is shared among people who purchased the coupons.  The platform also offers a commission for inviting other users to Profit25.


However, if you think you will make money fast, then you are in for a big mistake. Things are not as good as they appear and we will just answer why.


Profit25 lacks a solid strategy for earning


We have serious concerns regarding the profit-making strategy offered by Profit25. There is no point in clicking an advertisement if you do not intend to buy the products. At the end of the day, this approach is not offering any learning or value to the user in the long run.


The customer support is not responsive


The customer support is the backbone of any platform, but you are in for some disappointment when you opt for Profit25. The customer support takes a long time to answer the queries which can be quite frustrating for the user.


The compensation plan is not appealing


Secondly, the compensation plan does not sound enticing as well. You only get about 10% commission for your recruitment efforts.


Limited Payment options


The payment options are another factor to keep into consideration. The bad news is that Profit25 has limited payment options. It does not offer PayPal which is a huge setback. The reason is that with PayPal it becomes easier to process the funds and cancel the subscriptions.

If you want to use Profit25, then you will need to invest a minimum 50 Euros. The catch is that these 50 Euros take about 16 weeks to mature and will experience a maximum increase of about 35 Euros over the passage of time. As a result, you will have to invest more.

You will not be able to get your hands on any regulation details regarding Profit25, and this is why massive investments are not a smart idea.


The testimonial issue


Another troubling aspect is that you will not be able to get access to authentic testimonials related to Profit25. We did in-depth research, and we could not find a verifiable testimonial.




The honest conclusion is that Profit25 may not be the best option if you are looking for some quick money. The concept of Profit 25 is based on a revenue-sharing model, but the way this system works is unclear so you cannot trust this system blindly. The risk is not worth it so you should look for reliable money making platforms.



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