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Company: Empika Enterprise LTD
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Everything that you need to know about Nasdaq500


Nasdaq500 is an online broker that you can use for trading. But, just like any other broker, it is important to make sure that they are legit and registered. You want to make sure that you can trust them with trading and the money that you have with them. This is why you should make sure that you know everything there is to know about Nasdaq500. To make sure that you are making the right decision in using them.



Brokers information


Nasdaq500 is forex as well as CFD brokers. They have a huge selection of currencies that you can trade with. They are situated in the Marshall Islands and is providing a legit address, email address, and telephone numbers.

However, this is where it ends. This is the only real information that we were able to get from them. They don’t offer any other information. We don’t know when they were founded and who founded the broker service.


Are they registered and regulated?


The first sign that they aren’t recommended. Nasdaq500 isn’t registered or regulated. This actually means that they are operating illegally. And, that they are not recommended for using, just because of this reason.

You need to know that the broker that you are using can be trusted and that they are regulated by institutions that have your best interest at heart. And, this is exactly what they aren’t. Nasdaq500 can do just about anything they please to do. No one is keeping an eye on them.


No account information


Something strange is that there isn’t any account information about them. Not that they have different accounts, or what they are offering you as a trader.

You want to make sure that you know what your options are before you register with a broker. You want to make sure that you can test the brokers, and that you are able to afford the minimum deposit. This isn’t something that you will get when you look for info about their account information. Why don’t they have any account information on their website?


No information about the minimum required a deposit


With the lack of information about their accounts that they offering traders, there is something else that you should know. There isn’t any information about the minimum required a deposit before you can start trading. Yes, you won’t know what the minimum amount is until you register.

This is really a dangerous thing. They can withdraw any amount of money from your account without you realize how much it is going to be. This can be a huge problem if you don’t have enough money in your banking account. You need to know the required deposit amount before you are registering with them.


Payment method dodgy


They only have two payment options for depositing your money. The one is bank transfers and the other option is paying with your credit card. Why isn’t there any e-wallet payment options as well? Maybe because these payment options come with a money-back guarantee for the trader.

People tend to overlook the reasons why brokers are limiting the deposit options. But this is a serious clue if they are legit or not.


Not using MT4


This might not be something serious, but they don’t make use of the MT4 platform. There are many reasons why you should only use a broker that is making use of MT4. This is the most trustworthy platform and the one platform that can be trusted and that doesn’t go offline all the time.

Because Nasdaq500 aren’t using MT4, you need to make sure that you are rather looking for another broker. Especially, with the other warning signs as well.


Terms and conditions incomplete


Their terms and conditions aren’t standard. They don’t say anything about the minimum deposit and other requirements for you to start trading. There is also incomplete information about you not reading and understanding their terms.

Brokers that are regulated, have standard terms and conditions that are protecting you as well as the broker. But, not in this case. Here the only one that is getting protected is the broker.  At the end of the day, it means that they can block your account at any given moment. And, you are going to lose all the money that was in your account.


Regulators warning


Yes, there are a couple of regulators warnings out for Nasdaq500. Most of these warnings are because they aren’t registered, and they aren’t regulated. However, this is also because there isn’t any valid information about their account and deposit requirements. Making them really dangerous to use.

You should take regulators warnings seriously. They won’t publish warnings if there isn’t any truth about their claims. The most important reason is that if they aren’t registered and regulated, they are really dangerous to use.

Nasdaq500. A forex and CFD broker that is situated in the Marshall Islands. However, this isn’t really a recommended broker. There are many irregularities and incomplete information about them and their services. It is a much better option to use brokers that are regulated and that doesn’t have any regulators warnings against them. Then, you will know for sure that you are using a legit broker. And Nasdaq500 isn’t one of the legit options.



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