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Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake road, Majuro, Marshall Islands
Phone: +35314378872
Company: Prisma Global LTD / Markets Cube Global LTD / Trade 24 Global LTD
Regulation: Not Regulated
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Markets Cube review. Everything you need to know


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a new trader or an experienced trader. The one thing that you need to make sure about, is the broker that you are choosing to trade with. There are many brokers that you can choose from. However, not everyone is legit and recommended.

Markets Cube is one of the brokers that you can choose. But, it is important to make sure that you know everything there is to know about them before you can decide if this is brokers that you can use safely. With this information, you will see that it might be better to choose another, more trustworthy broker than Markets Cube.



Broker info


Markets Cube is situated in the Marshall Islands and this makes them offshore brokers. They are known as forex and CFD brokers that are offering a large number of cryptocurrencies.

They do offer a valid address, email, and telephone on their site. However, there isn’t any information about a registration number or for being regulated. You should look for more than just a valid address and telephone number before you can decide if the broker is trustworthy or not.


Are they registered and regulated?


This is the most important question that you should ask yourself. Are they registered and regulated? And, Markets Cube isn’t registered. Not internationally anyway. This means that they aren’t legally brokers and you should not consider using them.

Another thing that you should know is that if they aren’t registered, they aren’t regulated as well. This is really essential to make sure that any broker you are using is regulated. To ensure that there is someone that has your best interest at heart. To make sure that the brokers don’t change their terms and conditions or to just take the money out of your account without any legit reason.


Account information and minimum required a deposit


This is one great thing about Markets Cube. They are offering five different accounts that you can choose from. Five different accounts with five different benefits and features. Making sure that they are giving all their traders the option to choose the account that will suit their needs best.

The problem that we have with these accounts are the minimum required deposit. With the first account, there isn’t any information about the amount that you need to pay in order for you to start trading. With the other accounts, the required deposit is really high. Especially, if you are taking into consideration that this isn’t a registered and regulated broker.


The platform that they are using


Markets Cube are making use of a platform that isn’t that bad and it has some positive reviews. However, not many traders are familiar with this platform or have a positive experience with this platform.

They don’t offer the top and most popular platform at the moment, MT4 or even MT5. Making this a problem for many traders that are only trading on the MT4 or MT5 platforms. It is essential to use a platform that you are comfortable with, and that you can know you can trust. Not all platforms are the best platforms on the market, and that you can trust to give you the correct information.


Offshore brokers are riskier


No matter what offshore brokers are just riskier. This is something that you need to know before you are just registering and start using any broker. An offshore broker can guarantee that your money is going to be safe and is going to stay at the same value.

This is why it is a lot safer to use a broker that isn’t known as an offshore broker and that is registered as a broker.


What traders are saying about Markets Cube


There are some traders that have used Markets Cube before. But, what are they saying about their services? Are they recommending Markets Cube to other traders or are they recommending that brokers should rather start looking for another broker?

Most of the traders don’t recommend using Markets Cube, for different reasons. It is important to read all the reviews before you decide that this is the broker for you.


Regulators are warning against using Markets Cube


Something really important to consider. Regulators are warning against using Markets Cube for trading. This is mostly because they aren’t registered and regulated. However, there are some other reasons why this might not be the best broker for you.

With some of the essential information missing, you will not get all the information needed to decide if this is the broker for you. The bonuses that they are offering, comes with some strange terms and conditions. And, most of the traders don’t recommend Markets Cube to other traders.

When it comes to Markets Cube, it is important to know that they aren’t recommended by traders or by regulators. There are too many things that aren’t making this a great and trustworthy broker. It is much better to take your time and to search for brokers that are more reliable, trustworthy and that are registered and regulated.



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Post Author: ScamRecovery

3 thoughts on “Markets Cube Review

  • Jhulz

    (August 2, 2019 - 7:58 pm)

    Marketscubes is not a reliable company! They are unprofessional talking with their clients but professional in robbing money face to face. I hope all their traders can sleep at night despite what dishonest attitude they are doing, and hope they could swallow the food they were eating using the money they steal from other people. What a shame for this kind of people that they live to scam people for their own benefits. I won’t recommend to others! They just want your money but they are not interested for you to earn money. Selfish and greedy people working in MARKETSCUBE!!!!!

    • richard

      (September 30, 2019 - 12:57 pm)

      I was scammed last year by marketscube I invested £40.000 in amazon but they didn’t put on amazon
      they got another so call expert in trading currencies, but lost the lot they said its my fault tried call and email.
      no answer. Never trade with them

  • Kjell Nilsen

    (September 17, 2019 - 1:16 am)

    I should of course have red your comments before I entered this company. THEY ARE REAL SCAMMERS together with Fenix Capital. I have already lost $50k

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