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Website: https://www.lqdfx.com
Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960
Phone: +442035988261
Email: support@lqdfx.com
Company: LQD Limited
Regulation: Not Regulated
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LQDFX is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds is not safe. We are not going to recommend LQDFX
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An Inexperienced Trader


LQDFX was founded back in 2015, it doesn’t have too much experience in the trading world, and their site is full of glitches. However, after constant customer complains, the company doesn’t seem to do anything to improve its service.


This makes us curious, and we believe it’s a scam. We are going to confirm our suspicion with the following review.


Takes 3 Days to Withdraw Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is relevantly new to the financial trading realm, but there is no way a payment system should take 3 days before withdrawing your payment. It doesn’t make sense. A slow payment system is a sign of fake brokers, but LQDFX processes regular payments fast, it only has issues with cryptocurrency.

While this doesn’t confirm our suspicion the company is a fraud; it does show there is an issue with the payment system. Before concluding, it’s important to reach out ote the company support.


Spreads and Commissions


LQDFX doesn’t charge you a commission. Therefore it makes money through spreads. Low spreads translate to higher profit for a trader. Different brothers charge for a different number of spread pips, but you thought to pay ten pip spread for major currency pairs. Low spreads mean a high chance of profits.

Yes, you can choose a broker with affordable or cheap spreads, but you trade reliability for low costs.  A competitive spread is useless if the factors aren’t good.  So avoid brokers with high spreads, but be wary of low spreads. Consider the factors and mission before entering a trade.

It’s very common with LQDFX, but the issue is, most traders didn’t check the factors before trading and end up losing their capital.


Glitch in Indicators


Regular software testing can prevent glitches in indicators. But if a broker on test their software on regular bases, their platform and indicators run full of glitches and technical issues. This isn’t healthy for the traders.

It also shows the company is using a special system to scam the money out of you. A broker who doesn’t look after his system shows he is only interested in transferring your money to his own pockets.

If the platform crashes or freezes during trades, it costs you money. Therefore, you better leave the platform and salvage whatever possible.


 Slow Payment System


If you are having a hard time withdrawing your balance, you better find a new broker. There is no justification for not allowing you to withdraw your money. The slow payment system is one thing, but blocking your withdraw is a clear scam.

Following, we will explain a few reasons why your payment system is slow:

  • Below Minimum Withdrawal Threshold
  • You don’t meet the minimum trading turnover

If you don’t have these issues, there are no reasons for slow payment processing, let alone locking down your funds. This clearly shows your broker is going to scam you.




There are several issues with LQDFX, and the broker doesn’t seem like doing anything about them. This clearly shows that LQDFX is nothing but a fraud, and it only cars about your money. Where do you want us to start, price manipulation, glitches in the system, slow payment processing, not being regulated by anyone, there are far too many issues with this broker.



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