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Address: 18 King Wah Road, Level 7, North Point, Hong Kong and Cathay Fincancial Center, Level 17, Song Ren Road, Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +85230183338 - +886277414246
Fax: +85230153516 - +886266021877
Remarks:: The company gives the above Hong Kong address but it is not located there.
Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) warns against Kingston Trading!
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Full and honest review about Kingston Trading


You read it so many times. That there are some brokers that aren’t legit and that are known as scammers. And, it is important for traders to know these brokers in order to stay away from them.  Kingston Trading is an online broker that you can make use of for trading. However, with the research that we have done, we found that they aren’t reliable and there is too little information about them and the services that they deliver. This is what we found out about Kingston Trading.



Brokers info


Kingston Trading is a broker that is offering a variety of services to companies and to individuals. They are situated in Taiwan and is giving an address, telephone numbers, and an email address.

The thing that is worrying us is the fact that we could not find a legit company at that address and with the given telephone numbers. This lets us think that maybe they aren’t honest about their address.


Are they registered and regulated?


One thing that we found for sure, is that they aren’t registered as a broker’s service. This is dangerous and risky for traders to make use of a broker that isn’t registered as a broker.

Brokers are financial institutions and they need to be regulated to ensure that they are staying within the rules and regulations about being a broker. And, because Kingston Trading isn’t registered as a broker, they don’t have any rules and regulations that they need to consider. They aren’t regulated, because of the fact that they aren’t registered. Letting them basically, do just about anything they want.


Something serious to consider about Kingston Trading


If you as a trader consider making use of Kingston Trading, then there is one serious thing that you should consider. We researched their address and telephone numbers and we found one serious problem with it.

The address is not registered as a company named Kingston Trading. This is a whole different company’s valid address. Meaning that Kingston Trading stole the address and telephone numbers of another company. This is serious and the one reason why you should not consider using them as brokers. If they are lying about something as serious as their address, what else are they lying about?


Lack of any information about services that they have to offer


Brokers are always stipulating the services that they have to offer. What type of broker they are and what services they do offer to traders? And, this is something that is really hard to find with Kingston Trading. There isn’t any information about the services that they are offering, the reasons why they should be used or any other given information that let traders consider them.


Account and minimum required deposits


Every legit broker offers different accounts to brokers. And each account has it own spreads, minimum required deposit and other essential information that traders need to be able to know what account is going to be best for them.

With Kingston Trading, this is something that we could not find. There isn’t any information about the different accounts that they are offering, and there isn’t any other information like the minimum required a deposit, the spreads, and other account information. How can you decide what account to choose, if there isn’t any information about it? Let us think that there might not be legit account options.


No demo account


We couldn’t find any account information, and we couldn’t find a demo account to use to see what Kingston Trading is offering us. By using a demo account, you can see what the spreads are, the platform that they are using, and other essential info that traders need. Kingston Trading doesn’t have a demo account, and you can’t see all the essential information before registering for real.


What regulators are saying about them


Regulators are warning people against using Kingston Trading. And, they even have blacklisted them, because of the fake address that they are giving.

It is really serious if a broker is blacklisted by regulators. They are blacklisting brokers because they aren’t legit and regulators are trying to say that the brokers shouldn’t be considered for trading. This is exactly why Kingston Trading is blacklisted.

At first sight, it seems like Kingston Trading is legit. They have an address, telephone number, and even an email. However, it seems like they stole the address and other information from other companies. Meaning that they don’t have a legit address. They aren’t registered, regulated and doesn’t provide traders with all the necessary information. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are getting as much info about brokers as possible before you start trading with them. Kingston Trading is a fake and really not recommended to be used as brokers.



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