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The truth about revealed is another online business that is claiming that they can assist you in making some extra money. They have different ways of making money. They are considered as a financial trading software company, but they might just as well be called another pyramid scheme. What is the truth? Is this a company that you can trust, or is this a company that regulators are warning against? This is important to know the truth before you decide to sign up with


When you are looking at the reviews of them, you will see mixed reviews. Some are really good and positive reviews, and some are really negative and warning people against them. Who is telling the truth?


What exactly is


It can be confusing to understand exactly who exactly is This is because different sites are claiming different services. This makes people confused. is saying that they are a financial trading software company with a forex trading platform. They are saying that they are able to teach newbies about trading and will be able to sell them software that they can use to become more successful. The software is also called auto-pilot software. They claim that they are growing, because of the successful software that they are offering.

However, there are sites that are saying that they aren’t anything more than a pyramid scheme. Where you need to recruit people. The more people you are recruiting, the higher your profit is going to be. That the percentage of profit will depend on the level that you are in.


Are they really what they pretend to be?


Now comes the question if they are really who they pretend to be. A financial trading company that is selling some of the best software for forex trading in the market. But, is this really what type of company they are or are this just a front that they give to get more attention from other people.

If the company really were legit, then they would be honest in what they are doing. And, not find different services that they are offering, on different websites. So, no they aren’t what they pretend to be, and they have been proven as scams.


They want you to consider unregulated forex brokers. Why?


Something that you might realize is that they are trying to convince you to start using unregulated forex brokers. That this is so much better to switch from regulated brokers to their software. They are claiming that this is the best chance that you will have.

The only reasons why they are trying to convince you to use unregulated brokers is so that you can purchase their software. Software that isn’t legit and that isn’t really working. Not if you are looking at the reviews of different clients.


Opposite reviews. Which one is the truth


This can really be confusing. It the one side, there are the reviews where regulators are warning people against the website. However, there are also some of the reviews that are claiming that the company is legit and that this is only their competition that is making them look bad.

Did you know that there are many companies that are paying for positive reviews? And, that it doesn’t mean that they are legit, just because one or two reviews are claiming that they are legit? This is why you should make sure that you read more than one review. And, that you should look for info that the regulators are warning against the company or not. With you will see positive and negative reviews, but it is clear that the positive reviews are illegal. Most reviews are negative and warn people against the company.


Reasons why they are actually a scam and not legit


If you are doing a bit of research, you will see that there are a couple of reasons why this company is actually a scam and not legit.

For starters, the real CEO isn’t the same person as what the site is saying. And, the physical address isn’t a real address. It is a virtual address. Meaning that the address is only on the web available. You can’t visit the office at their physical address.

Then, there is a huge confusion about the service that they are offering. They are saying that they are selling financial trading software, but they are a referring program as well. Which one is correct?


Conclusion. The truth about


You need to know the truth about before you decide that you are going to use them for making some extra money. Because they are not a licensed forex company, you are at risk of losing all the money that you have invested. And, forex and investment regulators are warning people against this company. They are investigating all the trading services online, and they are able to tell the difference between a legit company and a scam. And, isn’t legit because of all the warnings.

You might have considered using for purchasing financial trading software. However, you are afraid to, because of the mixed information online. This is a clear sign that this isn’t a legit company and that you are right not to invest in it. You will not see any profit, and you will not be able to recover your funds easily.



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  • Laura

    (January 14, 2019 - 7:55 am)

    My friend actually made quite a bit of money from this so called scam. She has been doing this for the past several months and has been doing quite nicely for the money she had put into it. Also she was even able to recoup her monthly costs by recruiting 2 people. so not so sure it is quite the scam you seem to be saying it is. It is probly just mixed results and not for everyone like many things in life however does not mean that it is a scam because apparently it wasn’t for her and she’s just a regular person not a spokesperson or anything like that.

    • ScamRecovery

      (January 14, 2019 - 10:23 am)

      5 Regulators warns against Imarketlive

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