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Address: Nancy Whiticker House, 7 Old Street, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, 00109
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Company: Lancelot Limited Equity Ltd
Regulation: Not Regulated
Go Capital FX Rating
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GoCapitalFX is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend Go Capital FX
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Many traders are making use of brokers to trade. Especially when it comes to forex and CFD trading. But, then you need to make sure that you are using one of the most recommended and best brokers on the market. And, because of the large number of brokers, it can be difficult to find the right brokers.

Go Capital FX is one of the brokers that you can use. However, the question that you should ask yourself is if they are reliable and recommended. This is everything that you need to know about Go Capital FX. To make sure that you know if you can use them or not.



Info about the broker


Go Capital FX is known as Forex and CFD broker. They have a large number of cryptocurrency pairs that you can trade with, making them popular for trading. However, you need to know that they are offshore brokers and situated in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Making it a higher risk to use them as brokers.

With some investigation, we found that they do have a valid physical address. They also have a telephone number and email address published that can be used for information and troubleshooting.


Registration and regulations information


This is the number one thing that you should make sure about before you can register with a broker. You need to know that they are registered and regulated.

Go Capital FX isn’t a registered broker. Meaning that they are actually illegal with trading in forex. And, this is a lot riskier when you are making use of a broker that isn’t registered. Because they aren’t registered internationally, they aren’t regulated as well. Regulators are making sure that brokers are staying legit, and that their terms and conditions are legally and correct. This is the one problem that we have with Go Capital FX. They aren’t registered, and they aren’t regulated.


Account information and minimum required deposits


Go Capital FX has only one account that you can make use of. This means that you don’t have a choice between more than one accounts that you can choose between to find the right one for your personal needs. There is just the one account, with the one spread and leverage benefits.

With the minimum required deposit, we have a huge problem with. This is because there isn’t any information about the minimum required deposit. Until you have registered with them, you will not know what the required deposit will be. This can be a huge amount of money, that you aren’t willing to pay.


The platform that they are using


One of the few benefits of making use of Go Capital FX is the platform that they are making use of. They are offering one of the best platforms on the market. MT4 is a well-known and popular platform that any trader can use.

With this platform, you will have the best chance of becoming successful with trading. This is because this platform is easy to use and reliable.


Dodgy terms and conditions


The terms and conditions of a broker are essential. This is the rules that they are setting for their traders in order to be able to trade with them. And, we find that these terms and conditions aren’t standard.

There are some terms and conditions that aren’t in the best interest of the trader. And, this can mean that you will be able to lose money a lot faster, and easier.


Demo spreads not the same as actual accounts


There is a demo account that you can make use of when registering with Go Capital FX. However, you need to know that we found that what they are offering with the demo account, isn’t the same as with the real account. Especially when it comes to the spreads.

Because there isn’t much information about the spreads, not many people realize the difference and they register with them, for the wrong reasons.


What are regulators saying about Go Capital FX


What are regulators saying about this broker? That they aren’t recommended to be used as brokers. And, that there are much better and more reliable brokers out there on the market that you can use.

It is essential to take what regulators are saying about a broker seriously. They have all the knowledge and research to make sure that they know the truth about brokers. And, they know that Go Capital FX isn’t the best and most recommended brokers on the market. Especially because they aren’t registered and regulated.

Go Capital FX is one of the brokers on the market that you can use for trading. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the best brokers on the market. You need to make sure that you are getting all the necessary information to know if they can be trusted or not. With this review, it became clear that they might not be the best brokers, and that there are many regulators that are warning against using these brokers.



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2 thoughts on “Go Capital FX Review

  • Smith

    (May 9, 2019 - 1:04 pm)

    These to swindlers, frauding behinnd the name of GO CAPITALFX – named them as Mr James Alison and Mr. Jacob Morris – only cash your money and showing you a plattform via MT4, which looks real, but is only a phantasy. They have NO entrance to any stock exchange, neither can they buy or sell large amount of currency. Giving you a leverage of 100 or 200 means, they would have to invest for you much of money at the currency market but this company has no acces to any broker or market. They disquise their background and trade via BTCBIT and blockchain. Total fraud…. beware of dealing with them, dont sent 1 penny, you will never get back.

  • Ineke

    (September 6, 2019 - 10:59 am)

    Gocapitalfx is der größte Betrüger, erst handeln sie mit oil usw. Dan mit Bitcoins ich habe ca. 4000euro verloren und die tel. Nr. Gibt es auch nicht mehr….

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