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Gcmasia brokers: Why they aren’t recommended


There are mixed feelings about Gcmasia brokers. Some are claiming that this is a legit site, while others are claiming that this is a scam site, that is looking like a legit broker service.


But at the end of the day, reviews don’t lie. And complaints don’t lie either. When it comes to the Gcmasia brokers, this is exactly what you are going to get. Bad reviews and a lot of complaints. This is why it is important to make sure that you are getting all your facts about this service before you even consider making use of them.


What is GCM Asia?


Gcmasia is a broker service that is trading in different ways. They are making use of forex trading, CFDs, gold, oil, commodities, and stock indices. The company is situated in Hong Kong. The first sign that this might be a service that is going to cause problems for you.

There are also not many legit brokers that are able to trade in so many different ways that will also include investing in gold, oil and stock indices. Making the red flags go up.


What services do they offer?


They are offering services like trading in Forex and CFD. However, they are also offering investments and trading in gold, oil, commodities and stock indices. A huge variety of services for such a small company.

They are offering three different accounts. They are offering a free demo account to learn all the trades of investments and trading. Then, they are offering the normal account that most other services are offering. They have a VIP account as well, where the requirement is that you should deposit $100,000. With this account, there are some benefits that you will not get from the other accounts. And, with the demo account, you won’t get the money that you have made. This is just a learning tool.


They aren’t registered and licensed


The big red flag is not only that they are a company situated in Hong Kong, where fraud is a daily thing, but they aren’t registered or doesn’t have a license for trading. Meaning that they can make and break the trading rules as they are going.

Today, you might think that they are legit and paying out your profit. But tomorrow, it is a whole new ballgame and they decide that paying your profit into your account isn’t going to happen. This means that they aren’t trustworthy and they aren’t a service that believes in having a registered and monitored business.


Offshore company. Money not safe


As mentioned, it is an offshore company. They are a broker service situated in Hong Kong. If you are doing some research about investments from Hong Kong, you will see that not many of them are legit and registered.

If you are depositing your money to an offshore account like Hong Kong, and you lose the money, you won’t be able to get the money back. No matter how hard you try. Your money is just not safe there.


Using platforms that aren’t reliable and popular


Experienced traders will know that there are certain platforms that are more reliable and trustworthy than other platforms. And, that you don’t make use of the platforms that aren’t popular and reliable. The risks are just too high.

This is exactly what Gcmasia offer. They are offering the platforms that aren’t trustworthy and that won’t cost them a lot of money to run. Why? Because they don’t consider spending money that they could have pocketed themselves.

This is the reason why many experts are saying that Gcmasia isn’t legit and just another fraud company. And, that you should make sure that you don’t make use of these brokers for investments and trading.


Method of payments are dodgy


By now, we all know that there are different methods of payment on the internet. PayPal is to name just one of them. If you are looking at a broker site’s and the payment methods that they accept, you will see if there the site is reliable or not.

With Gcmasia, you will see that they only accept banking and card payments. They don’t really have other reliable payment options. This might be because they aren’t reliable and these payment options don’t want to be associated with this company. Giving you hints that there might be something wrong with them.


Is GCM Asia legit or a Scam?


Gcmasia brokers is a broker service from Hong Kong. They are trading in different things. Making them not really reliable. There are people that are taking the risk in using them for trading, but this isn’t recommended. Too many complaints and bad reviews were posted about Gcmasia to risk your money.

They don’t use quality and reliable platforms, they don’t really have any proof that they are legit and real. And, if you are looking at their VIP requirements, they are asking a huge amount of deposit. Money that you might not see ever again.

Gcmasia is one of those broker services that you should rather stay away from.  There are much better services out there, where your money is safe. You should always just make use of brokers that are registered and licensed. You have the right to ask for it. If you are thinking about trading, look for a service that is just more reliable and trustworthy than Gcmasia.



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3 thoughts on “GCMasia Review

  • Hasmuri Telimik

    (June 25, 2019 - 5:01 am)

    GCM Asia…. Cannot contact anymore after bank in money

  • FAIZ

    (September 30, 2019 - 9:09 am)

    hi.. maaf kalau boleh .. boleh tak saya dptkan no akaun ..ada orang kata bila semak kan

  • Mangsa Penipuan Miss Vivien dari GCMASIAL

    (September 13, 2020 - 12:07 pm)

    100% Broker Scamm Cilaka !!!
    Org bodoh je guna broker ni konon regulated dgn FCA . Lepas dah deposit lesap nk wd pon tak boleh !!!

    Makan lah kau duit haram staff pon ramai melayu office kt Menara Summit USJ.
    Tggu la polis datang sana ambush!!!

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