GCG Asia Review
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Website: https://www.guardiancapitalag.asia
Address: Bleicherweg 10, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: N/A
Regulation: Not Regulated
GCG ASIA Warning
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) warns against Guardian Capital Ag - GCG ASIA!
Have You Been Scammed by GCG ASIA?



The Truth about GCG Asia revealed


You might have heard about GCG Asia brokers. Many people are considering them as their brokers to start trading online.  The one thing that you need to make sure about, is that you read the truth about them before you choose GCG Asia as your brokers. This is one of the brokers that are the least trustworthy and reliable. And, with this review, you will see that this is the last broker that you should trust with trading



Brokers info


GCG Asia is forex and CFD brokers. They are claiming that they are situated in Switzerland, and they are able to provide a telephone number and email address.

Something that is bothering us, is the fact that they are saying that they are situated in Switzerland, but their names state Asia. This is confusing, and with further investigation, it seems like the address in Switzerland is fake. So, it is unknown where their legit head office is, and if there is a head office in the first place.


Are they registered and regulated?


At first sight, it seems like they are registered to a known brokers company. However, this isn’t the truth and the company that’s name is connected with GCG Asia is considering legal steps. This actually means that they aren’t registered to any valid and recommended company.

And, because they aren’t registered, they will automatically not be regulated as well. And, this is why there is so many dodgy information about these brokers that are making them risky to use. If brokers aren’t regulated, you should not even consider using them.


Good things about using GCG Asia


There are a couple of good things about GCG Asia, that people think that this is brokers that you can trust. They are making use of the MT4 platform. One of the best and most recommended platforms on the market at the moment.

And, they are offering different trading options that can be an advantage with traders. However, Just because they do offer these two benefits, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore all the other problems and reports about GCG Asia.


No Trading conditions


It is essential to know the trading conditions before you start depositing money into their account and start trading. It isn’t recommended that you make use of a broker that doesn’t provide clear trading conditions. This is dangerous and you will not know when you are going to trade against their trading conditions.

The question that you should be asking, is why don’t they offer any trading conditions? Is this maybe because they aren’t legit and they don’t really need to worry about any trading conditions?


Account information incomplete


When traders are going to GCG Asia’s online website, and look for the account information they are disappointed. This is because there isn’t any valid account information. The only information that we could get, is the fact that there aren’t any account options, because they offer only one account.

There isn’t any minimum required deposit information that you should pay. Making sure that you don’t know what to expect when you are registered to them and want to start trading.


Blacklisted by FINMA


Another really serious thing that you should consider, is the fact that GCG Asia is blacklisted by FINMA. FINMA is service regulators and has found that GCG Asia isn’t legit and they don’t provide a legitimate address and telephone number.

Something that you should consider is that if brokers are blacklisted, there is a really good reason for it, and it is recommended that you should stay away from these brokers.


Legal action was taken against GCG Asia


There is also a legal action taken against GCG Asia. This is due to the company that they have connected themselves to. The company Dukascopy is taking GCG Asia to court because the brokers have connected themselves illegally to the Dukascopy company. Now the company has a bad name for registering a broker that is unreliable and untrustworthy.

GCG Asia is stating at their website that they are registered and that they are registered to Dukascopy. And, this isn’t the truth. Meaning that they are lying about being registered in the first place.


What regulators are saying about GCG Asia


We know that GCG Asia is blacklisted by FINMA, but what about other regulators. Other regulators are also warning traders against these brokers. They are untrustworthy, giving false information and doesn’t include all the trading regulations needed.

There are other regulators that are also blacklisted them, because of the legal action that has been taken against them.

GCG Asia. If you considered to register with them and start trading, using their services, you should think again. This review proves that they aren’t legit, and you can’t trust them. Especially, not with something as important as trading. There are much better, other options available that you could use. With GCG Asia blacklisted, taken to court and found lying about their valid address, this is enough proof to say that they are fake and not recommended at all.



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6 thoughts on “GCG Asia Review

  • Mohd azman bin seman

    (May 13, 2019 - 1:11 pm)

    please give me a reason why this broker are scam…tq sir

  • Andrew

    (May 24, 2019 - 4:52 am)

    GCG Trading method – is it illegal or a better way to trade

    Many brokers are losing their customers to GCG

  • Balaji

    (September 3, 2019 - 8:29 pm)

    gcgasia in legal or illegal…?
    We have invest money to this do or not
    Please tell me sir….?

  • Mohd Rosechan Bin Klamon

    (June 16, 2020 - 12:39 pm)

    Since my first withdrawal until today I never get a single cents from gcg,and I also have make full withdrawal still no response from gcg.how can I get back my money.

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