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Forxoption is showing fake license from the CySEC
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Anonymity in Binary Options


The biggest issue of the Forex and Binary option Marketplace is Fraud Players keeps coming back by rebranding themselves. This issue has plagued the market and ruined many careers.


Today, we are going to review ForxOption. It is a binary option broker that is currently operating in the market. We are curious whether it’s legit or not.


About ForxOption


Forx Option is a Forex broker. It deals in different currency pairs and cryptocurrency. The company offers high ROI and cutting-edge security. It offers a generous payout to users.

It offers great training material for users and helps you to drive more profits. This company gives you a trading edge.


What it Offers?


The company offers several deal and promotions. It comes with a web-based training platform featuring a mobile port. The company helps you to trade anywhere at any given time. The platform is designed for newbies; it’s not meant for experienced traders.  The platform offers real-time data-stream for better results.




  • Anonymity


If there is one thing, ForxOption is good at; it’s hiding. Yes, the brand doesn’t reveal anything about itself to the general public. There is no company history, address or even contact detail. This isn’t a healthy sign. We hope the company will fix this soon.


  • Shady Operations


If company history and team information wasn’t enough, the company also keeps silent about its promotions and packages. Yes, you won’t find any information about what the company offers. There is no information about the packages or account types. It seems the company wants you to contact the company for every single detail.


  • No Backbone


We hate to see, but we have seen several websites supporting the same design. The color scheme is the difference at best, but the content and structure are very identical. We believe it is a subsidiary of a fraudulent parent company that has opened several other brokers besides Forx Option.


  • Fake CySEC license


Forxoption is showing fake license from the CySEC regulator under number 243/15 . This is a big red flag! Stay away from Forxoption!


Is ForxOption Legit or a Scam?


The website doesn’t bother to tell anything about itself, or its operates to users at all. This isn’t the most encouraging thing. We are surprised the company doesn’t show its packages and accounts type on the website. The website doesn’t provide a contact number or an address.

There is only a live chat available. You have no other way to contact the management. We would advise you to stay away from this broker. It has no concern of transparency with its users whatsoever. We won’t be surprised if this website shuts down anytime soon.



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