If you are looking for ways to trade, then you might have read about forex trading. There are many people that are successful with forex trading. However, there are people that are less successful and people that are a victim to forex trading fraud.  It is important to make sure that you are getting all the information about forex trading and forex trading scams before you can start trading. This is just to know the scams from the legit opportunities.




Forex trading is a profitable investment


Yes, forex trading is a profitable investment where you can get a huge amount of profit. However, this isn’t something easy to trade, and you need to make sure that you know everything about trading. Experienced traders that have the right experience in trading, find forex trading really easy and profitable.

The less experienced traders can still have success if they are learning as much about trading as possible before they trade with real money. This is also the less experienced trader that is becoming a victim of scams and they are finding it hard to forex trading recover your funds after you were scammed.


Many people are falling for the fraud


This is why many people don’t trust forex trading. They are reading about all the victims of these scams and they are afraid to try it themselves. The problem is that fraudsters know that there are inexperienced forex traders that are trying the market and looking for a service to work through. And, they are taking the opportunity to try to steal money without really providing forex.

This is why it is important to make sure that you know as much about forex trading scams before you start paying an agent money. Money that you will not see again.


Know when it is a scam or legit


Before you start trading forex, you need to know if it is forex trading fraud or a legitimate agent. There are a couple of things that you can look for, in order to know if this is legit or not.

If they are promising high-profit guarantee with not spending too much money, then you should know that this is a scam. There aren’t any guarantees on what the market is going to do.  Promising high profit is a gamble. You need to know that this is going to be hard for forex trading get your money back after you realize that you were scammed.

Saying that there isn’t any risk with forex trading is also a sign of forex trading scams. There is always a risk when it comes to trading. Forex trading is not any different. Stay away from sites that are promising unrealistic things.


Help is available if you were scammed


You are angry and sad. You were one of the victims of forex trading fraud. You have lost a lot of money, and the possibility to make some profit. This is something that will make anyone furious. However, the good news is that you can get help.

Help is available for you to recover your funds. The only thing that you need to know is where you can get that help. You don’ t wants to land in another scam besides the forex trading scam as well.


Chargeback is the solution


This is the good news. When you are making use of chargeback, you will be able to recover your funds. Funds that you thought you have lost forever. Yes, you can report it to the police or even open a case at your lawyer, but this isn’t going to bring your money back.

Chargeback is the only way that you can be sure to forex trading get your money back into your account. However, there are some things that you should know about chargeback first.


When can you make use of chargeback


Chargeback is a service that assists you and other victims to recover your funds after you have been scammed. They can assist anyone that have made bank deposits and that have used their credit card and debit card for paying. Cash payments can unfortunately not make use of chargeback. This is because you don’t have any proof of payment.

With a bank deposit, you should deposit more than $10,000 and for a credit and debit card payment more than $5,000. Then, you will be able to qualify to make use of chargeback. Another thing that you should know is that chargeback requires proof that you have tried to recover the funds yourself. Any proof of communication will be accepted for forex trading recovering your funds.

Forex trading fraud. This is something that is happening to everyone on a daily basis. This normally happens when you don’t know as much about forex trading as possible. With this information, you will know that you can make use of chargeback if you were a victim of forex trading scams. And, that there is help out there. Real help that will ensure that your money is refunded to you.







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7 thoughts on “Forex Scams | Get Help | Chargeback | Recover Your Funds | Reviews

  • Corrinne Bosman

    (December 14, 2018 - 7:31 pm)

    I got into capitalxp after an advert on Facebook. First transaction was very small, then they pushed for more, and today again for more. I invested in Apple and bitcoin. Funds have been traded away. Today, I was contacted again and there is an amount of 282. 25 USD, with the promise of 2000 bonus euros. Im trying to reach my bank to cancel the deal. Capitalxp also sent me an agreement for the 2000 euros. I sent it back, digitally signed, yet they insist the form came thru blank.
    Michael Klein put numerous transactions thru on both my credit cards, as I was having difficulty from my side to transfer.. total in Rands: absa R 8583.47, 8320.75, 4176.01, on my fb card: R7870, 3940, 8132, 8115,8115,4057… approx 60 000… I feel these are fraudulent transactions and need assistance.

    Please let me know what to do. I’m a widow and wanted to try the stock exchange to bring down my medical bills.

    Thank you
    Corrinne Bosman

  • Marta Vallejos Perez

    (April 1, 2019 - 4:22 am)

    Estimadas junto con saludarles, paso a relatar lo sucedido, con mi $3.000. dolares depositados, en FINANCIKA , mi ejecutivo el Sr.Rodrigo Mendoza, ” supuestamente, me iba ayudar”, me estafo, todo mi dinero quedo en cero, yo le di un poder para que el pudiese trabajar mis supuestas acciones, ya que yo no sabia como trabajar la bolsa, el siempre hablaba con mucha dulzura conmigo, me insto a depositar $1.000.- dolares,y que el día lunes,21 retirara $ 2.000. dolares y que el seguiría trabajando con las ganancias.
    Yo me encuentro muy Enferma y este hombre me destruyo la vid

  • Alexander Bagdi

    (July 29, 2019 - 2:30 pm)

    Corrinne Bosman!, jag bara undrar om du fick hjälp och hur? för jag har drabbats av nästan samma sak, tackar för ditt svar.

  • Gor Anthony B. Jaralve

    (May 22, 2020 - 4:23 pm)

    pls help me to bring my money back😭

  • erma

    (June 15, 2020 - 1:02 am)

    fui estafada por go4rex por favor ayudame a recuperar mi dinero

  • Mpho kgari

    (June 30, 2020 - 10:30 am)

    FBK a guy from forex broker killer who told me about the investment he told me to invest R8000 into his capitec bank account so that he could make a trade for myself , he told me that after 7days I’ll get an amount of R80000 in my savings account. After that 7days he said that I have to pay R10000 for a trade commission fee which i didn’t pay for it


    (October 10, 2020 - 10:34 pm)

    I need my money back. I really need right know. I fell like I want to die.

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