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Address: Sofia 1434, kv. Simeonovo, complex Vitosha park, ul. 197 N: 21, vh. B, no. 2 Bulgaria
Phone: +447874406829 +35797689341 +27212004239
Company: Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd
Company Address: Law Partners House, Kumul Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Regulation: Not Regulated
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The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) warns against Financika Trade!
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Financika Trade was established so many years back. This company has no regulations, and it does not allow the US clients. The company is being operated by the supervision of Sharp Trading out of Vanuatu. Right here we would be giving a complete overview of the Financika Trade Company for you! Check out below:


Overview of Financika Account Types:



Their website brings out the less information related to their accounts, so we have just assumed that they are taking into account one single standard account as in which the minimum deposit is around $250. The leverage is almost 1: 200. Alongside with their standard account, you would not be finding their any category of demo account. You would not be able to practice any sort of trading with the virtual currency before you would start the trading with your amount.


Information about Financika Trading Platform and Tailored Trading Packages:


They are offering almost three trading platforms. As being the forex trader, you can make the selection out from the profit platform, web platform all along being the Meta Trader.  It does not say that there is any information available for mobile trading or text message alerts like other brokers offer.


Talk about Financika Financial Tools, Resources or other Features:


Straight away into the educational academy, the website would be offering the daily review of the market all along with the currency chart as for free. There has been a glossary with the range of a different set of financial terms with the economic calendar related to learning that what things are happening inside the world and inside the financial market too.  Every single week they would be handling the video analysis that would be posted as to where they would make you learn that what is happening inside the market for that week.

Additionally, they would also make you offer with the professional details on the tools of risk management and would encourage you to look at the website on a regular basis for some sort of Financika Forex trading. In this way, they would be able to learn about any sort of changes to their terms of service or trading platform.


Immediate Trade Execution at Financika:


There are different sort of delays within the trade execution. Apart from it, the depositing series can just be made through the process of credit card or the checks or even the bank transfer.  If you are considering to make some withdrawal, then you need to write the customer service department with an email.  This is somehow taken to be one of the most provincial forms of the setups which you might found on the internet today.  There would be literarily no such way where you can make the click on some button to make upon the request or some call.  You merely need to carry out some written request application in terms of requesting for the withdrawal.

Financika is not a transparent company. You would probably be finding so many gaps within their information.  They have given away with some little information related to their security.  As in terms of the fees and commissions, they have provided with different types of accounts. Hence the traders would be asked to, first of all, check the website for the fees and so as the commissions as they would be applying to their account level.


What do you need to know about Financika Trading Academy?


Notwithstanding the way that their accounts are exceptionally restricted and they don’t have a demo account, they appear to be in front of other internet exchanging agents with training. They offer a full line of instructional material. They have an online foundation tab through their site, which gives a large group of literary and video instructional exercises. These are accessible at various exchanging ranges from amateurs to cutting edge brokers. This implies anybody was fresh out of the box new for somebody who has long periods of exchanging background can discover something helpful dependent on their expertise level.

There learning focus is comprised of discrete areas beginning with things like essential exchanging phrasing or online rudiments or exchanging. There is another area which clarifies the graphs that they use so that at the merchant, you can settle on beneficial choices. You can more readily comprehend the candle graphs, the line outline, and the bar diagram. The line graph demonstrates to you the end cost for a particular timeframe, and it is the most fundamental of the outlines they use. It associates every one of the information focuses together in a line which gives it its name. The bar diagram demonstrates the opening cost for a particular timeframe, the end cost for that equivalent timespan, the low costs, and the high costs and abridges the majority of that.

Their candle diagrams incorporate the high and low ranges managed by a vertical line with bigger squares to demonstrate the distinctive value ranges. Different areas you will discover give you data on the most proficient method to translate distinctive value vacillations or exchanging patterns just as itemized data on comprehension and utilizing the major and specialized investigations fundamental when you exchange.



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  • Hendrick

    (May 25, 2019 - 6:52 pm)

    I will be one of the scam victims. How will I recover my money?

  • Bless

    (August 15, 2019 - 8:30 pm)

    I was trading & I spent a lot of money through my wife credit card. A good gentle man helped me. Trouble started when I was to withdraw. All the required documents I did send but s lady insisted she received nothing & I’m not known. A good gentleman became a bad one & he disappeared. I tried in vain to get the money I had to to get. My wife passed away painfully. We became as bankrupt as church mice.
    May you plz be professional & help me to get back all the money I was promised. Plz, I need your loyalty in good faith.

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