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Warning! Expertoption forex brokers aren’t legit


It is easy to find forex brokers online. It isn’t easy to find one that is legit and real. Expertoption is one of these brokers that are easy to find online. However, to know if they are legit and recommended is something completely different. This is why it is important to make sure that you know everything there is to know about the forex broker before you decide to make use of them. These are everything we could find about Expertoption forex brokers.



Essential information about Expertoption


Expertoption is a forex broker that is operating since 2014. Meaning that they are operating as brokers for about four years. They are registered at certain places like in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. However, their office address is in London.

Looking at the brokers, there are a couple of good things and bad things that you should know about them. The good is just some way for them to create the impression that they are legit. The bad things are mostly warnings from regulators and complaints from traders.


Warnings from regulators


The first thing that you will see when you are doing research about Expertoption is that there are regulators that are issuing warnings about the brokers. This is because of the incomplete information about the registered numbers that they are providing on their website.

Traders think that they can make use of them because they have a valid license number. However, this doesn’t mean that this is the only thing that you should look for. The place where they are licensed should be international and not just national.


Why are people warn against them, if they are having a license number?


This is the confusing part. Everywhere you read that the brokers should have a license number. And, this is exactly what Expertoption have. But still, they aren’t recommended. Why?

If you are looking closely at their information, you will see that the countries where they are registered aren’t the same as their address. This means that there is something wrong. Why are they situated in London, but they have a license in Saint Vincent and Grenadines? This isn’t making sense. And, furthermore, the license isn’t an international license that is getting regulated with international regulators. This is why it is known that Expertoption isn’t recommended by regulators and other experts.


Warning signs that they might not be legit


There are a lot of signs that these brokers are legit, and that you should rather look for another broker if you want to start trading.

They can block withdrawals without any problems. And, even if this is illegal to block withdrawals when you are trading, they are doing this. Why? Because they are unregulated. They can do anything they please. The one day you have a history and account with them. And, the next day there is no sign that you were trading on the site. This is a serious problem that is making many traders angry. They are losing a huge amount of money, just because Expertoption has deleted their accounts and history, with the money deposited. Losing everything you have been worked for.

The moment that you are searching for the company’s history, you are getting a dead end. There is no history about the company. Or, any other information besides that that they are posting on their website. And, then there is a big chance that the address and other information might be fake.

They are making use of incomplete terms and conditions and uses this for an excuse to block your withdrawals. They then claim that you didn’t obey their terms and conditions. After reading their terms and conditions, it is found that there are some unclear areas that can get any trader into trouble.


Conclusion. Legit or not?


Expertoption might be a licensed forex broker, and they might be working for a couple of years. However, this doesn’t mean that they are legit and recommended. There are many signs and warnings about this broker. And, this is something that you should take seriously.

Expertoption isn’t legit. That is as simple as that. They aren’t regulated, can block or delete your account any given moment, and take your money without prior warning. Regulators are warning people against using these brokers and they are advising that if you are using them at the moment, that you are closing your account as soon as possible. Before they delete your account without prior notice.

We are looking for registered forex brokers that are doing business for a couple of years. And, this is exactly what Expertoption has to offer. Or, this is what they are claiming. The moment that you are reading more about them, the more you might realize that they are scammers that are stealing money. And, that you should rather stay away from them. Regulators are also issuing warnings about them to make sure that people rather look for other, more trustworthy forex brokers.



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