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Executive Crypto Rating
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Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns against ExecutiveCrypto !
Have You Been Scammed by ExecutiveCrypto?

Revealing the shady elements


Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency? If yes, then you need to select the appropriate platform as well. Now, the problem is that there are many enticing trading platforms in the market but they all are not good enough.

One such example is ExecutiveCrypto. This platform is exclusively for those traders who wish to trade digital currency.



Incomplete information on the website


Now, we had a good look at the site of this platform and we were extremely alarmed to notice that there are no details on the site about the person who came come up with this platform.

The website does not offer any insight about the account types available as well.


Unconvincing bonus policy


When you will review the bonus policy of this trading platform, then you will notice that the policy also has its set of loopholes. For example, the policy states that the risk-free trade is also a kind of a bonus but will be offered to the trader as per the discretion of the company.

What is important to understand here is that the risk-free trade is a dire need of any trader who has just stepped into the trading market. He requires the risk-free trades to develop confidence regarding his trading strategies so the risk free trades should be a mandatory offering.


Demo account unavailable


Apparently, it seems that ExecutiveCrypto does not offer a demo account. Now, this sounds very risky. The reason is that whenever you go for a new trading platform, then you wish to develop your comfort zone using the platform.

If you are oblivious to the features, then you will not feel like opting for the platform in the first place.


Education Centre lacks value


The website has an education centre but if you are unregistered user and wish to explore the material, then you are bound to be disappointed. The reason is that the material is generic and does not seem to offer any useful insight.


Live chat option missing for unregistered users


We also noticed the fact that the live chat option is not available for the unregistered users so you do not have the opportunity to raise your concerns at run-time. The email is available on the website but there is no assurance about the fact whether the support team will be responsive enough.

Another problem is that ExecutiveCrypto does not have an FAQ section so it will be difficult for you to get the answers to commonly asked questions.


Is ExecutiveCrypto Invest Legit or a Scam?


All the things discussed are clear red flag alerts and this is why you should not opt for ExecutiveCrypto.



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