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EliTrade Rating
EliTrade Warning
EliTrade is a Non-Licensed scam bot! Your funds is not safe. We are not going to recommend EliTrade
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A Scamming Bot


If you think trading brokers are bad, wait till you hear about trading bots. Somehow, we have come across with such an example and following; we are going to review it.


About EliTrade



EliTrade more likely seems like an automated software for binary options. It generates trading signals and executes them on your behalf. It gives a free $500 sign up bonus. You can use the robot free for two weeks, and keep all the money this robot made. This sounds intuitive, but we are skeptical. We are not getting our hopes high.


What it Offers?


ETrade got our attention for all the wrong reasons, and we took a deep look. The company wants you to believe they have created a binary options robot which executes profitable trades. Now the company says they are giving you free services and $500 as a bonus.

This seems odd. Well, the money they give you is just virtual, you can’t withdraw it.  The software is a scam itself.




We found several issues with this software or broker, following we are going to describe this issue!


  • No History


If you log onto the official website, you won’t find any information about the company or the people behind it. Everything is every anonymous, and this has got our attention. It feels like the company is deliberately trying to hide from you. This isn’t the most promising thing to witness.


  • No Service


All you need to do is sign up and give the software your money to use it as a broker who will earn you profit. But this is hardly the case. Yes, you will need the service or assistance from time to time, but the company doesn’t offer anything. The customer service is available, but it takes some time before replying to customer queries.


  • Bad Software


You would have thought the company that has no service or customers would invest in the software, but it didn’t. Yes, you will have some security issues while using this platform. Therefore, we would strictly advise you against using it.




Before anything else, we would like to make this clear, Elitrade is not a forex broker. Instead, it’s a trading bot that trades on your behalf. So you have to do nothing but to trust it with your hard earned money. This sounds ridiculous, and yes we advise you against using this thing.



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