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Free Money for Real?


Dinero Libre, the word literally means “Free Money” in Spanish.  This broker is a subsidiary of Actiserver Advertising S.L. It was registered in 2016 and so far has a satisfied client base. The given address is 160 Passeig De Sant Joan, Barcelona, Spain. Following, we will see whether it gives free money for real or it is just a gimmick


Poor Customer Support



There is no live support. The only way to connect with the team is through email and phone. However, that doesn’t suffice because you must wait for hours before getting a reply via email. Worse, their phone line is busy most of the times.

These aren’t the signs of a reliable broker. Any responsible broker, who cares about their user will get back to their client at a moment’s notice. There is a respectable time window for email, like 1-2 hours. But 12 hours or more is way out of line.




Dinero Libre is an unregulated Broker. Yes, this broker is not regulated by anyone including ASIC or FCA. We will take this opportunity to say that just because a broker is not regulated, it doesn’t mean its strictly a fraud.

But it does call for concern. We are not going to call Dinero Libre a fake, but we would advise you to take caution. Don’t invest heavily in this platform or fall for something that sounds too good to be true. Wisen up and be careful when giving your confidential info to this broker. It could save your skin.


SpotOption Trading Platform


Dinero Libre introduces the user to SpotOption Trading Platform. While we don’t have anything to complain about, we don’t see a compelling reason why SpotOption is better than MetaTrader 4. The software looks basic at best, it’s easy to use, but it lacks the advanced charting and security of MetaTrader 4.

Moreover, demands heavy hardware specs. Yes, it will eat up your computing resources. As we said, we don’t understand why Dinero Libre will deliberately choose the SpotOn Trading Platform.  We believe it’s the spreads, MetaTrader 4 only has fixed spreads where Dinero Libre offers high spreads more often. Hey, it’s only our opinion.


No Community Feedback


There is no community Feedback about Dinero Libre. Yes, there are some positive reviews about it, but almost every major forex forum has nothing on it. The community almost seems silent when it comes to Dinero Libre, and this concerns us.

It almost seems like the positive reviews are fake. Yep, the company could have fabricated them. Dinero Libre is an established broker that has been in the market for at least two years. In all this time, it failed to create any fuzz in the forums?

This is very unlikely, and there must be an explanation for it!




We have our concerns about Dinero Libre like we said many times before, there is no way we can label Dinero Libre a fraud, but there are some red flags that concern us. In the end, we will say its not necessary a scam but do take precaution when using it.



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One thought on “Dinero Libre Review

  • Pablo Langosta

    (October 12, 2018 - 2:38 am)

    Their company operation is in Bulgaria. They are registered in Antigua. They use a billing company in Spain. They use a bank in Germany. The company is registered to a dude from the Ukraine. They may also be based in Israel. Go figure. They are fake.

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