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Address: Al Odaid Office Tower, 10th floor, Airport Road, Rashid Al Maktoum Street 2, PO box 128 161, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: +442484611794
Regulation: Not Regulated
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Dcfxbroker is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend Dcfxbroker
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A Full-Blown Scam


Difference Choice Forex Broker or Dcfxbroker is a forex broker that has bee the attention of much controversy.  There is outrage about this broker. Traders complain it blocks their withdrawals, makes them lose trades and manipulates the market against their favor.


We are going to look into all these claims and see whether this broker is legit or not.


Fraudulent Practices


Dcfxbroker is guilty of several fraudulent practices. This broker uses several techniques to steal money from their clients.  Stop Loss Hunting, and Requoting is two common techniques used by Dcfxbroker. Many users complained about fluctuations in the trading system.

They explain the issue as when a price goes up, and they entered, the system hands up, and instead of taking the position, it shows you a higher price. It only happens when a trader moves in the right direction.

Another common trick was stop-loss hunting. With this trick, Dcfxbroker makes the trader lose money. It drives the trader out of their position as it drives the asset value to a level where the trader has set stop-loss orders.


More than One IPs


Dcfxbroker is a fraud broker. It only focusses on ripping the customers off. It is proven the fact there are several other domains registered that are way too similar Dcfxbroker. Surprisingly, all of them are Forex Brokers just like Dcfxbroker. However, names are not the only thing these brokers share with Dcfxbroker. Their practices are also very similar.  The patterns are same, former users who have lost money to these brokers have led their voice and complained these brokers use practices like Markups, Stop-Loss Hunting, Re-quoting, Swap, and Leverage.


No Regulation


Dcfxbroker is not Regulated or Authorized by any Regulator. Be it ECN or FCA; no one has any records of Dcfxbroker or its clones. It is an unregulated forex provider which offers little to no information about itself. Spreads mismatch is a common issue.

People who are not familiar with how financial services work, no regulation means the broker is flawed, and they are a significant risk to your investment.  The general lack of information about the minds behind this broker remains a concern. The only useful information in their About Us section is it is based in Abu Dhabi Airport Road Business Center.


Blocks Your Withdrawls


The Dcfxbroker is guilty of blocking its user’s withdrawals. Unfortunately, this is a common trend in the forex marketplace today. Firstly, it offers unauthorized Managed Account services. It offers trading services for more than 41 different financial products.

The issue is, Dcfxbroker doesn’t block your withdrawals instantly. No, it waits for a few months and let you develop trust. Once you have amassed a big amount, the company blocks your account for an absurd reason.


Final World


Its official, the Dcfxbroker is a scam. What surprised us is this broker doesn’t try to cover itself, it just boldly steals every penny it could. The broker has made several clones to amplify their revenue. It clearly shows that this company is after your money.



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