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CryptoFrance is blacklisted by AMF
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French Crypto Consultancy


We have yet another French Binary Options, which also deals in Cryptocurrency. The French have a knack for the cryptocurrency. Anyhow, we are going to review this information consultant website and see why it is receiving this backlash recently.


About CryptoFrance



Crypto-France has originally founded as French Cryptocurrency News as well as Information website. The company was founded to demystify Blockchain technology to a general audience. The company focused on helping people understand how this whole thing works.

At first, this company created a portfolio to advise whom to trust. The company tries to answer all cryptocurrency question in a digestible way. This information will equip the enthusiast to make essential choices.


What Does it Offer


The company at first offered consultation services, but it later focused on brokerage. The company ventured into forex and binary options. However, CryptoFrance does everything in Cryptocurrency. It doesn’t rely on only one currency. Instead, it deals in all including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.




  • Banned by AMF


AMF, the French Financial Regulator banned CryptoFrance. The company started as an information broker, and it built an excellent reputation for itself. However, it soon went away as soon as the company ventured into brokerage services. We can’t pinpoint what went wrong.


  • No Company Information


The website is not a single webpage; still, for some reason, we can’t find a tab or section dedicated to about our team and us. We have reasons to believe the company is purposely hiding its identity from users. Why? It’s obvious; the company wants to rip off people and make a run for it without leaving any trace.


  • No Community on the Internet


No way we were going to conclude our research on the company website. We went on the internet and tried our luck. However, we don’t have anything positive, because we didn’t find anything at all. Yes, there is nothing about this broker on the internet.


Is CryptoFrance Legit or a Scam?


The company turned out to be a fake. Since the company started its brokerage services, it went on a downhill journey and got banned from AMF. That’s a significant blow to this information and forex broker.



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