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Address: Level 33, 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LB and 130 King Street West Toronto Ontario, M5X 1E3, Canada
Phone: +442038683571 +4420 80680749 +442035446037
Company: Coperstone Limited and Coperstone Partners Limited
Company Address: Govant Building, Port Vila, Vanuatu and 27, Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom
Regulation: Offshore License
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Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warns against Coperstone!
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The Almost Anonymous Trader


Today we are going to review Coperstone. This is a Forex and Commodity Trader that is very hot, especially in online forums. Their is a strong backlash against this trader, and we are going to find why? Yes, we want to know why the community is giving so much heat and whether it’s justified or not.



No Background or History


There is little to no information available online about CoperStone. The website doesn’t help because the About us page is full of what this company stands for or what they promise. There is no information about the history and team.

Yes, if you wanted to learn about the infrastructure of the company and how long they served the market, you won’t find anything on their website. This is how a typical forex scam works. The company doesn’t provide any crucial information about itself or its team.

It does provide contact information under the contact us tab. Coperstone mentions it has two headquarters, one in the United Kingdom and one in Canada. The company gives their full address and phone numbers.

It inspires confidence, but still, we are skeptical why it hides away important information including its history and team members. Every forex and commodity trader should make this information easily available.


Not FCA Regulated


The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK doesn’t recognize Coperstone as a legitimate trader. Yes, the authority refused to recognize it as an authorized provider of forex trading services or products. It is a major red sign and clearly shows Coperstone is nothing but a scam.

Every Financial Company needs authoritzation from a federal financial authority. It shoes the company legitimate, and clients can trust it. A company that fails in the eyes of these authorities will never do any good for its custoemrs.

The company engages in malpractices that profit the company only, not its users. Coperstone is a hoax as it doesn’t have any reliable service or product to offer. Even the FX academy fails to educate people about Forex, equaity, and commidty. All of these things point to one thing only, Coperstone is a fraud, and you should stay away from it.


Hate From the Community


There is a time when every Ponzi or HYIP scheme bursts open. Yes, the bubble is going to burst at some time, and this is when public outpouring starts. In Coperstone’s case, the bubble burst a while back, and the community has already shown its hatred towards the company. Yes, we encourage you to search across different online platforms. You need to search social media groups, forums, chats, and threads. You will find nothing but negative comments towards the brand. These are people who lost their money to coperstone, and they now urge the online community to stay away from this fraud.

Negative comments are common when you deal with fraud, However, we have never seen such a severe case in which no one claims they received some money and everyone is calling Coperstone a criminal, this is the first time in our history.



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