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Capmbeau is a Forex broker that has been active in the market for a few years. We tried our best to dig around but couldn’t find any real details about this company or who’s behind it. Still, we have understood how it scams people and why you should stay away from it.

Blocks Withdrawals

Capmbeau blocks trader withdrawals, and its one of the major red signs of a scam.

A reliable broker always assists you with withdrawal. If you face issues making withdrawals, then there is a severe issue with your broker. It’s not uncommon that brokers make withdrawals difficult on purpose. They do this by putting unnecessary regulations on customers wanting to withdraw their funds.

For example, the broker can ask for excessive paperwork, high transaction fees, or delay the payments.


Boycotts User

Capmbeau boycotts a user after making money off him. When a trader successfully makes money, the broker makes slight changes in its algorithm to cut off the trader’s profit. It is an illegal practice, but the broker doesn’t care if it’s profitable.

Once the trader’s account is dried completely, the broker cuts off all ties with them. After which, the trader cannot contact the broker in any way. For example, the broker doesn’t answer calls, reply emails or live chat. Capmbeau does the same with its trader. Once It made money off the broker, Capmbeau boycotts them.


The main benefit of trading with a regulated broker is you get to defend yourself. A Broker under the supervision of a trusted authority will abide by the rules. Financial Authorities design and update their regulations to keep the consumer safe.

A regulated broker can’t break these rules or else it will be blacklisted and must return the client’s money. You don’t get the same level of protection when dealing with an unregulated broker.  You don’t know when the broker will run away with your every penny because no one is keeping watch.

Capmbeau is an excellent example of such risks. No Financial Authority Regulates it. Therefore, we advise you to stay away from it.

High Spreads

High Spreads are common in High Volatile Environments. In such cases, the broker fails to allocate the trader’s position. It happens even after price updates. The issue is, nothing keeps the broker from imposing High spread, and milk money from their clients.

The issue is if a broker of guilty there is nothing a trader can do. You need low spreads to make money. High Spreads aren’t profitable. If your broker doesn’t offer low spreads, you are better off without him. In fact, you should find someone else.


Capmbeau has every sign of a major forex scam. There is little to no information available about the broker or its history. Moreover, it practices every fraud in the rulebook; we are surprised how this broker survived so far. We recommend our readers to stay away from this broker at all costs.


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