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Blue Bull Capital Rating
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Blue Bull Capital is a Non-Licensed offshore broker! Your funds are not safe. We are not going to recommend Blue Bull Capital
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Blue Bull Capital is one of the brokers that you can use online for trading. But, there is one question that you need to ask about them. Are they legit and recommended?

The thing about using brokers is that you will not know if they are legit and recommended. Some are really great brokers, but some are scams and just looking for ways to cheat people out of their money. Is Blue Bull Capital reliable or just one of the scammers that everyone is warning you against?



More about the brokers


Blue Bull Capital is forex and CFD brokers that are situated in the UK. However, they are registered to a company that is situated in the Marshall Islands. Now the question is why are they situated in one country and registered in a completely different country?

Their address and email seem legit. They even offer a telephone number. They even offer a huge variety of cryptocurrencies. But, they aren’t recommended and they can’t be trusted. There are really many reasons why you should stay away from them.


Registered and regulated info


First of all, they are registered to an offshore company that is unknown. There isn’t any certainty that they are really registered at all. And, with an offshore company, your money is always at risk. So, it is safe to say that they are actually not registered, because they aren’t registered internationally.

Because they aren’t registered correctly, they aren’t regulated as well. This is for sure the most important aspect to look at when you are looking for a broker. They need to be regulated. This is the only way to ensure that they are legit and staying above board with trading.


Account and the required deposit


Blue Bull Capital offers two different accounts. The one is the standard account and the required deposit starts at $500. The other account is the Pro account and the required deposit starts at $20,000.

The problem that we have, is with the required minimum deposit that you need to pay. This is a lot of money to start with if you don’t make use of the best brokers on the market. This put your money at risk. When they aren’t legit, you will lose a lot more money than with other brokers. Why do they have such a higher deposit than most other, reliable brokers?


The platform that they are using


This is one of a few things that we like about Blue Bulls Capital. They are making use of one of the best platforms on the market. They are using MT4.

This is the platform that most traders prefer because it is reliable and easy to use. And, this is the one platform that most reliable brokers are making use of. Making trading easier to understand and to make a profit from.


Complaints with withdrawals


A serious problem that we found with these brokers are the complaints that withdrawals are hard to achieve. That there are so many problems when a trader wants to withdraw their money again.

This is a serious problem because you will not know if you are able to withdraw your money or if you are going to struggle for days to get your money withdrawn. This is one of the main complaints that traders have. They can’t withdraw their money, or it seems to be hard to get the money paid back into your account. This is the last thing that you want when you are using brokers.


Lack of company history


The other problem that we have, is the fact that there isn’t much information about the company’s history. Every business has some history that is normally available on the internet. Information like the date of when the company was founded and the people that have founded the company.

With Blue Bulls Capital, there isn’t any of this information available. The only available information is their address, email and telephone number.


Terms and conditions not complete


The one thing that you should look at before you are making use of brokers are their terms and conditions. Not only should it be normal, standard terms and conditions, but it should be complete. Everything about trading and withdrawing money should be completely discussed in the terms and conditions.

We found that the terms and conditions aren’t complete. There are loopholes that can be used against the trader. This means that your account can be frozen and your money can be lost.


Regulators warnings about Blue Bull Capital


Not only do the regulators warn traders about using Blue Bull Capital, but there are official warnings out about them. This is because they aren’t regulated, registered or safe to use.

Because of the different complaints, the regulators decided to blacklist them so that traders can know that it isn’t safe to use.

If there is one broker that you should stay away from, then this is the Blue Bull Capital brokers. They aren’t safe at all. Just because they aren’t registered internationally, and they aren’t regulated. There are so many other, better brokers out there that you can use. Brokers that are regulated and that will ensure that you have a great experience in trading.



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