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Binomo Rating
Binomo Warning
They claim to be regulated by IFCOMM, FINMA warns against fake regulator IFCOMM



Binomo forex brokers aren’t trustworthy


Binomo forex brokers are on the market for a couple of years. There are people that are trusting the brokers and that are using them for trading forex. However, with further investigation, it seems like there are a couple of irregularities about them that you should know. Irregularities that are making them scammers and brokers that you should not trust. These are some of the reasons why this is brokers that you can’t trust.



Overview of Binomo


This is the one thing that is making traders using Binomo brokers. They have a legit address, telephone number and email address for customer care. This is sometimes the only thing that traders are looking at before they decide that the brokers are legit. However, this isn’t the case with Binomo.

They might have legit address and telephone numbers, but this is truly the only legit thing about them. There are many different things about them that you should know before you can decide to make use of them for trading.


Registered or not?


They do claim that they are registered and that they are regulated. However, this is real regulators. They are just claiming this so that they are looking for more legit.

This means that they aren’t really registered and regulated. They are just making use of fake regulators so that traders can think that they are legit. And, this is also the sole warning from real regulators, and why they aren’t known as reliable and trustworthy forex brokers.


No history about the brokers


Binomo brokers might have a legit address and phone number, but there isn’t any history available about the brokers. You don’t know when they have been founded, and who is the sole founder of the site. This is making things a bit dodgier.

There are traders that think that the history of a broker isn’t important and that you can still use them if they are legit. However, it is important to look at the history to know as much about the company as possible before you deposit a huge amount of money into their account.


The platform that they are using


We all know that Metatrader4 is the platform that most legit forex broker sites are using. This is a secure platform that is easy to use and easy to get information on, on the internet.

This isn’t the platform that Binomo is using. They are making use of an unknown platform that you can’t get any information on. Meaning that you can’t make sure about the reviews and stability of the platform. Making this a dangerous gamble to use these brokers.


Withdrawal issues


If you are reading reviews and complaints from traders, this is the one thing that you read most. That there are some serious withdrawal issues with Binomo brokers. They are blocking withdrawals at any given time. Even, if you didn’t do anything wrong. This means that you can’t get your money paid into your account again.

They are always giving another reason for the blocking. However, most of the time they are claiming you have disobeyed their withdrawal rules and regulations.  When they are blocking an account or withdrawal, you won’t be able to get your money paid into your account. They basically froze your account, and take all the money for themselves. They are doing this when the withdrawal amount is huge. Making sure that they are frozen an account that is worth taking the money from.


Terms and conditions


This is a problem with Binomo brokers. Their terms and conditions aren’t standard. They aren’t making it understandable and clear. The reason that they are doing this, is to be able to use the terms and conditions to block withdrawal. To let it seem that you have not read their terms and conditions and that you didn’t follow the rules.

This is the one thing that many scam brokers are using, to be able to block withdrawals or to close an account without warning. The problem is that the terms and conditions are designed in such a way, that they are chance the wording without any warning. Making it seems like you didn’t follow the terms and conditions. It is important to make sure that the terms and conditions are standard and approved by regulators before you start using them for trading.


Blacklisted by regulators


This is the most important thing that you need to know about Binomo brokers. They are blacklisted by the regulators. This is because of the fake regulators that they are using to let it seem that they are registered and regulated. This is important to make sure that you don’t use brokers that are blacklisted by regulators. If brokers are blacklisted, they are scams and not worth taking the risk.

Binomo forex brokers. They are brokers that you can’t trust. There are a couple of things that make them usable. For example, the legit address and contact information. However, they have been blacklisted by regulators. And, this means that they are fake and that they can’t be trusted. It is important to know that the regulators that they are mentioned are fake regulators. And, that they aren’t really a registered broker service. And, this is the only reason why they can’t be trusted and why you should not bother trading with them.



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