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Address: Smart Choice Zone LP, 272 Bath Street Glasgow, G2 4JR, Scotland
Phone: +442036701744 +390689971012 +34935227644 +27510111029 +74996460136 +37046020307 +97316199412 +61871303544 +14378861190
Company: Uno Media Solutions trading
Regulation: Not Regulated
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Not Numero Uno


BinaryUno is a popular binary broker with a respectable following. Today, we are going to review this broker and see if it is an honest broker or not. The broker has a long working history, so we are quite hopeful. However, we don’t make any promises.



About BinaryUno


Binary Uno is a Binary Options Broker. It has been in business since 2011. This broker is owned and operated by UNO Media Solutions. The registered address is C&H Towelcoated at Global Gateway 8, Rue De La Perle, Province Mahe, Seychelles. It is a very popular broker, and it offers several intuitive features.

This broker offers up to 100 tradable assets with different options and expiry limits. The minimum tradable amount is $10 while the minimum deposit is $250. It lets the user trade using 60 seconds option, one-touch option, and cryptocurrency. To cater to a global clientele, it supports three languages including English, Russian and Arabic.


What it Offers


BinaryUno offers great educational material with detailed videos and other informative data. There are 100% bonuses for newcomers. The site features an automated trading robot that takes the helm in your absence.




After in-depth research, we found some unsettling things about BinaryUno. We thought this platform was an honest broker, and it cared about its client.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The broker has several issues which we will describe below.


Blocks Withdrawal


Binaryuno is yet another Broker who blocks payment withdrawal. Yes, there is a community outcry about BinaryUnofrom users who have been awaiting their payments for months. In some cases, it used the user’s balance without their permission and lost the money in trading.

These cases are not uncommon. So far, the company took no action to reimburse their loyal members. As this situation escalates, we expect the users will refer to a recovery agency.


Not Regulated


No Financial Authority regulate or licensed BinaryUno. Instead, FCA has blacklisted it. Yes, the company is found guilty of offering financial services in the United Kingdom without any authorization.

Furthermore, BinaryUno is included in the list of 94 blacklisted brokers released in early 2018.


SpotOn Trading Platform


MetaTrader 4 is the best trading software in business, its user-friendly, light, and uses advanced charting. But for some reason, many brokers find a substitute for it, including BinaryUno. Yes, the Uno Media broker introduces you to SpotOption Trading Platform.

While we don’t find anything particularly wrong with SpotOption, we doubt it will offer the advanced security of 129-bit key, and Hides Your IP Address like MT4.  Honestly, We don’t like the idea of changing MetaTrader 4 for something else than the MT 5.




Based on what we found, the company is still going strong, considering it launched in 2011. However, there are a few things we strongly dislike about BinaryUno. The outcry of the forex community that BinaryUno doesn’t pay is our top concern.

Moreover, it has been blacklisted by FCA. These facts keep us from recommending BinaryUno to anyone. Instead, we suggest you stay away from it



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