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Another Fake Trading Bot


This is yet another trading bot. Yes, we will say it out loud, BFT Option is not a trading platform. Instead, it is a trading bot.

Honestly, we have a bad feeling about this website. So yes, we won’t be surprised if this turned out to be yet another scam. Please continue with our review!



About BFT


BFT Option aka Perfect Option is an automated Trading Platform. It trades several assets like Forex, Commodity, and Indices. The minimum deposit is $500. The company offers 5 different types of accounts with variable ROI and deposits.

We would like to clear the fact that this is a mere trading bot, not a platform. So be careful!


What it Offers?


When we learned we are going to review a trading bot instead of a trading platform; we took a differ net approach! We dug around and found that most of the information provided on the website is fake. For instance, you will see a team section, the team member’s snaps are stock pictures.

The team consists of unlicensed brokers who set up a fake brokerage firm. The firm is not regulated in USA, UK, Austria, or even in Cyprus.




  • No Team


The company shares everything about its team. But we found out they are stock images and every single member is a fictional character, they are not real people. This derails us, and we suspect BFT Option to be a full-blown scam. We understand this is a bit too early, but our gut keeps repeating the same thing.


  • Bad Software


The software is not secured. We don’t understand whether someone tapped int BFT Options website or the company deliberately sells user info, but we have seen many instances in which the user’s confidential information was leaked to other third parties. Therefore, we will advise you against trusting this platform or bot.


  • Not a Trustworthy Operation


This should be our conclusion, but the situation is way worse than this. It’s not the company is engaging in and practices by mistake; by the look of things, we suspect the site is designed to rob every penny of their users. This is their way of doing business.




We have said it all above, stay away from this website. It steals your money and sells your information to buyers. This is the way it does business, and we won’t be surprised if the site goes offline anytime soon.



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