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BBBmarkets is a league broker that work online that stands for balances, bold and boundless market. They have a massive client base as they offer a high percentage of return for each investment.


In the past, people work with BBBmarkets and another online broker by trust only. But with the advent of new technologies and the problems that many people have started to face, trust is no more an ingredient that satisfies the clients. Only the encryption technology that ensures a high standard of trade and complete transparency in the whole system confirms the credibility of trading an online broker.


BBBmarkets Scam


In the past, when BBBmarkets entered into the market, many people preferred it over other online brokers. But with the passage of time, when their trading system was evaluated and revised thoroughly, it turned out to be a similar scam that people across in case of other brokers. There were many negative points that were raised in the review and also many complaints from users were recorded. On the evaluation criteria, BBBmarkets have very bad scores, and it is now a confirmed scam.  The two main reasons behind it are given below.


Entry Initial Deposit


As an entry barrier, BBBmarkets charge minimum $250. Unlike the present, well-known brokers have removed the entry cost just to allow their clients to experience real-time trading. As per the claims of BBBmarkets as being very technologically advanced, these charges show a different story because the original technologically advance brokers allow their clients to decide their deposit cost or even completely free them from this hustle.


The illegitimacy of BBBmarkets Terms and Conditions


Another important thing that proves BBBmarkets a complete scam is that they do not have any license or carrying out broker business on such a large scale. For any broker, where working online or not, there must be a proper legitimate license by which they are allowed to work. It is given to them by a proper and credible regulatory body.

In the case of BBBmarkets, any such license is missing. The fake license that they show to their traders is just a scam. They do not work lawfully and thus proven to be a complete scam. They are just making money through fraudulent activities; therefore, everyone must stay away from them as the government or any other administration is not responsible for paying you back after facing monetary losses.


No Information About Trading Cost with Company


Other than lack of regulation, another point that proves BBBmarkets scam is that they do not provide any information about trading cost. This type of detailed information that the client need to be aware of is missing from their official website or nay other brand owned by this company.

This is how Bbbmarkets is scamming traders for years, but very recently the detailed investigation of this online scam broker revealed its reality to the public. This is no the only scammer working in the market. There are many other as well who use similar or somewhat different strategy to tarp the traders. So, always be very careful and after proper research take any step.



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