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Ainvestments forex brokers. Everything you need to know


Forex Brokers. Something that you need to make sure about when you are considering becoming a trader. There are some great and trustworthy forex brokers out there.  But there are also some scammers out there that you should be careful for. When it comes to Ainvestments forex brokers, there are a couple of things that you need to know before you can start making use of them. Things that will let you realize that they aren’t as trustworthy as what you might have thought.



More about Ainvestments


Ainvestments are an offshore forex broker. They are registered at the Marshall Islands. There isn’t much history about them and it is impossible to find out when they have founded and who have founded the site in the first place.

They have a legit address and telephone number. Their customer support isn’t as freely available as what one should hope for. If you have problems, you might not have any email address that you can use. And, this is the first sign that there is something dodgy. Customer support is really important when it comes to traders and brokers.


Registered and regulated?


With the registration and regulations, there is some confusion that you should know about. First of all, there is a difference between a company registered and internationally registered. They might be registered at the Marshall Islands, but they aren’t internationally registered. Meaning that they aren’t regulated and can do just about anything with their rules and regulations.

You should make sure that brokers that you are using are going to be registered. But, that they aren’t just registered, but that they are internationally registered and regulated. Then, you will know that the brokers are legit and that you can use them without any problems. And, this is exactly what Ainvestments forex brokers aren’t. And, this is why they aren’t recommended by regulators.


Different account options


The one great thing about Ainvestments is that they are offering more than one account option. The higher the payout rates, the higher the deposit is. Even if this is great for legal forex brokers, this is really dangerous if you are using this broker. This is because they aren’t recommended. The more money you are depositing, the higher the risks of losing it all, it is going to be.

If you are really going to take the chance, the one thing that you should do is to use the smallest account with the lowest deposit option. This will ensure that if you are losing money, that you don’t lose as much money as other people.


No demo account information


At first, we didn’t think that they are offering a demo account. This is because there isn’t much information about a demo account with Ainvestments. With further investigations, it became clear that they do have in fact a demo account.

Now, the question is why do they keep the demo account a secret, and publish more information about the different paid accounts? Maybe because they don’t want people to know more about the demo account


Not much history information


Every business, even broker sites, have a history. The year that the company has started, the founders of the company and the existing CEO members.

When you are looking at Ainvestments, you will see that there isn’t much history about them. It seems like they just appear one day and become a brokers site. No information about the year that they opened or any information about the people that started the company. You can’t do business and putting money at risk if you don’t find any history of a company. Including forex brokers.


High deposits


If you are comparing the different minimum deposits that one needs to make when using forex brokers, one thing about Ainvestments become clear. They are asking much higher minimum deposit fees than other forex brokers. Why?

If they are legit, why would they want traders to deposit more money into their accounts as other brokers? Maybe because they want to get as much stolen money as possible. This is something that you should be careful of.


Regulators warnings


There are some regulators warnings out there about Ainvestments. And, it is important to make sure that you consider these warnings before you decide to use them. An example of a warning from the regulators is the platform that these brokers are using. They don’t make use of the most trustworthy platform MT4 for trading. And, this is making the risks so much higher.

Regulators warnings should be taken seriously. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are going to use the best brokers that are regulated. Meaning that they can’t just change their terms and conditions without letting the regulators know.

Ainvestments is a forex broker that people are using. But just because people are using it, it doesn’t mean that they are legit and safe to use. They aren’t internationally registered or regulated. And, this is the two most important things you should look for before you can deposit money into these accounts. If you are looking for trustworthy and legit forex brokers, then the last brokers that you should consider are Ainvestments.



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