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ADG Placement
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ADDRESS: Henri Thomas House, 5-11 Worship Street, UNITED KINGDOM, EC2A 2BH
PHONE: +33 0970731799
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Another French Scam


Today, we have another French broker that deals specifically in cryptocurrency. The website is a single page only, and it doesn’t have any great initiative. Still, it is a well-received company, and we can’t pinpoint why.  This is a bit complex for us!

Therefore, we are going to review this company and see how carries on its business practices.



About ADG Placement


ADG Placement is a binary options broker that specialises in cryptocurrency. This company offers investment opportunities that are geared towards people interested in Cryptocurrency.

The company deals in all famous cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.


What Does it Offer?


Unfortunately, we couldn’t scratch off anything from the website. The website did a fabulous job of hiding itself away. There are no about us section or a members section. There is nothing available on the site, and we tried our best to bring forth the details.

This unnerves us!




This regulator is banned by most respected regulators around the world, following we are going to detail it!


  • Blacklisted by FCA


The Financial Conduct of Authority has blacklisted to ADG Placement. FCA goes ahead and says this is a clone of an FCA authorised firm. We are not going to confuse you with the details. Instead, we are going to focus on the subject at hand.  See Proof!

The authorised firm is based in Chiswell Street London while the clone firm is based in Hen Thomas House Worship Street, United Kingdom. The cloning site doesn’t have much to offer. The website is an only a single page, and we won’t be surprised if it goes offline any soon.


  • Blacklisted by AMF


The French AMF is not behind, it also went ahead and blacklisted ADG Placement. This financial regulator didn’t say anything about it being a clone or not, the company is blacklisted because it was operating on French soil without any authorisation. Moreover, the company is engaging in fraudulent practices. See Proof:

ADG Placement isn’t the only company mentioned on this list, but it is one of the many entries present on the list. This is a very recent list, and its updated very frequently.




ADG-Placement is a full-blown scam. We are saying this after presenting legit proof. Two of the most respective regulators are banning it, what else do you want us to say? In the end, we will say, stay away from it!



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