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Website Blacklisted by AMF
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French and Bitcoins is a French-based forex broker that exclusively focusses on cryptocurrency. This regulator has been getting much attention recently, all due to the wrong reasons. Following, we are going to review this regulator and will try to uncover the reality.





Achat-bitcoin is a French cryptocurrency broker. The broker is more focused on blockchain technology, as you have guessed by the name. Unfortunately, we were unable to dig around anything viable about the company. The website doesn’t have a section that information person what this company’s history and infrastructure. This is rather disappointing.


What Does It Offer?


The company offers forex option but specifically caters to the cryptocurrency market. Once again, we were unable to dig any viable information about this company. This is because the website has a serious lack of information related to its operations and what it offers.

This is shady and a major red flag.




  • Banned by AMF


The AMF of France has blacklisted A-chat Bitcoin. The finance regulator has banned this broker because it is unauthorised and guilty of offering atypical investments. This got the attention of AMF and based on its research and user outcry; the regulator has finally banned this broker. See Proof:

Achat-Bitcoin isn’t the only one banned from this regulator. Instead, it’s one of many.


  • No About Us


We want to commend the company for doing an excellent job of hiding itself. There is no about us page or section anywhere on the website. We had no success in finding anything about this company or its history.

The company doesn’t mention anything about its finders or current members. This is not how trustworthy companies work.


  • No Community on the Internet


This is the last thing that unnerved us about A-chat. When we were unable to find anything from the website, we focused our efforts on the internet. Well, the story didn’t change because this company has no presence over the internet. Yes, you won’t find anything if you google this broker.


Is Achat-Bitcoin Legit or a Scam?


There is nothing left to say, the company is a fraud, and it got caught up. Things weren’t looking so good even before we found out AMF bans it. The company hide its identity for a reason, and now we know why it wanted to rip off their users and run off with their money while leaving no trace.



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