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Can you really use 247 Options Trade as your brokers?


When you are looking for forex brokers, 247 Options trade comes to mind. This is just one of the forex brokers that you can make use of. However, this doesn’t mean that this is the best possible broker that you can use. In fact, there are many warnings and complaints about them, that is making it a risk to use them as brokers. These are everything you need to know about 247 Options Trade before you can decide to use them or not.


There are many different forex brokers online that you can use. However, so many of them are scams and illegal. And, this is why you should make sure that you are knowing everything there is to know about 247 Options Trade. This is so that you can realize that there are better and more trustworthy brokers out there.


What is 247 Options Trade?


247 Options Trade is a forex broker that is situated in New York. It was registered in 2017. They are offering services like Forex, Binary, CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies. They are relatively new, and there aren’t many reviews out there that you can read about them.

One thing that you should know right from the start, is that just because they are situated in New York, it doesn’t mean that they are legit. There are many complaints about them, that you should take seriously. There isn’t much information about them, and there isn’t any history or even persons that have registered the company. And, this is suspicious.


Licensed or not?


If you don’t do research about 247 Options Trade, you will think that they are registered. This is because they have a license number. But, with further investigation, it seems like the number is fake. The license number is for a completely different company. If they can steal another company’s license number, what else are they dishonest about? And, can you trust someone that can lie about something as serious as their licensed number.

This means that they are actually unlicensed and unregulated. And, because they are relatively new, there aren’t really many reviews about them as well. It is important to make sure that you are only using brokers that are licensed and regulated. Otherwise, they can change their terms and conditions without any problems. And, without you knowing.


Giving untruthful information


They are giving untruthful information. As mentioned before, they are giving a license number of another company and say that they are registered. However, this isn’t the only fake information that they are giving you.

The testimonials that you can find on their website is fake as well. It is copied testimonials from other brokers that were copied and just changed a bit. Even some of the reviews that you can find online are fake and untrustworthy. Why are they giving untruthful information if they are legit?


Don’t use the popular MT4 platform


This is also something serious to think about. They don’t give enough information about the platform that they are using for traders to trade forex in. And, they are for sure not making use of the most recommended platform MT4. This means that you are going to use a platform that you don’t know and can’t trust.

It is important to use a platform that you know is legit and that is giving you the real information. Otherwise, you just might end up with a platform that is giving you the wrong information and that will let you lose money instead of making money with forex trading.  This is something important that you should consider. To only use brokers that are making use if the platform MT4.


There is no history or background of the brokers


You might say that this isn’t really an important thing to consider. However, this is really important. You need to make sure that you know what the history and background of the brokers are. If they don’t have anything to hide, why is it hard to find any information about them?

With 247 Options trade, this is exactly what you are going to get. Nothing. No information about their history, the founder or even on the background of the site. Meaning that you will be trading using brokers that aren’t comfortable in sharing who you are working with. And, this can be really scary. You can’t make sure if they are legit, what their reviews are saying and if there are any complaints against the person running the website.


Regulators warnings about 247 Option trade


It is important to know that there are regulators that are monitoring forex brokers. And, that they are making sure that everything is staying legit. And, with 247 Option trade, there isn’t any regulator that is regulating the company. Meaning that they can do anything they please to do. Without getting into any serious problems.

When it comes to forex brokers, it is important to make sure that you are going to get the right information about them, before you start trading. With 247 Option trade, you are going to know for sure that you are going to be in trouble. You will lose your money because they are unregulated and unregistered. Even, if they do provide a registration number. It is in fact stolen and not theirs. This is advisable to stay away from 247 Option Trade and that you should rather make use of another, more reliable broker.



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