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Fake Signals and Blatant Lies


24EmpiresOption is a binary broker that has made a fuss in forex community, for all the wrong reasons. There is a user outcry about this broker, and it got our attention.

Following, we will review this broker and address the question, whether you should trade with it or not. So, stick till the end.



About 24 Empires Option


24EmpiresOption is a binary options broker. B.O operates it. TradeFinancials LTD and is registered in Cyprus. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the company. The company deals in major binary assets including several currency pairs, and commodities.

The company has registered offices in the United States, and Sydney.



What it Offers?


24empiresoption is a very basic broker. It lacks all advance and intuitive options easily available in the market.

The company offers five different trading accounts. It offers Digital Options and Binary Options. The company offers a subsidiary platform dubbed as iFollow. The company also offers a One Touch Binary Option. It offers an insanely high ROI.




  • Lack of Options



The company doesn’t offer much to start with. It offers basic binary options with a couple of trading accounts. That’s it; there is no cryptocurrency, Commodities, and metals. The company doesn’t have any attractive options. This is something the company should address. It will cost the company a big business shortly.


  • No History


Before we start, we want to mention this broker doesn’t make any ridiculous claims. Yes, there are no instances where the company said it has been in business for decades or what else. But according to our analysis, the company have only been registered for a year now. That’s something every trader should check out before they sign up with this platform.


  • Fake Signals


Fake Signals or trades are a trap set by the broker to lure in traders and rob their money. The company engages in this unethical practice. There is a user outcry in the forum where users complain they have been robbed by the company through fake signals. This is a major red flag.




In the end, we will suggest you stay away from this broker. This is a blown-out scam, and you won’t make a dime from it. The company is fake, and everything it advertises about itself is a lie. The company is new, and it doesn’t have anything to offer, it screams “I am a scam”!



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