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Website: https://www.1118-capital.com
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Email: cs@1118-Capital.com
Phone: N/A
Regulation: Not Regulated
SFC Remarks: Suspicious website operators often use names similar to legitimate companies to confuse investors.
1118 Capital Rating
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Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) warns against this company! Stay away from 1118 Capital!
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1118 Capital brokers. Legit or not?


There is a lot of confusion about 1118 capital brokers. This is because searching it at the search engines gives you different findings. This is making traders want to know if this is brokers that they can use without any problems. This is really important to make sure that you know as much as possible about 1118 Capital before you decide to use them. There are way too many irregularities about them.



Broker info


1118 Capital is a forex and CFD brokers. The cryptocurrencies that they are trading is unknown. They are an offshore broker. This is basically all information available about the brokers. There is no valid address available, no telephone numbers and no email address. This is the first warning sign that we have gotten.

It is important to know where the brokers are situated before you start using them for trading. And, with 1118 Capital, there isn’t any information available. The question that you should ask is why isn’t there any information about their address on the internet available.


Are they registered and regulated?


There is no valid information about them, not even an address. So, they can’t be registered and regulated. To be registered, they need to have a valid address and telephone number. And, this is exactly what they don’t have. Making them really high risk to use.

If they aren’t registered, they won’t be regulated as well. This is so important to make sure that a broker is regulated before you can use them. This ensures that you are using brokers that are legit and that can’t do anything illegal, because there are people that make sure that they are staying above the law.


No valid information about the company


As mentioned before, there is no valid address for 1118 Capital. And, this also means that there isn’t any other information about the company either. Not the founders of the company, the date that the company started or even the country where they are situated.

This is really dodgy for brokers not to have the required information to know that you can use them safely. And, this is recommended that you are staying away from companies where you can’t find any company information on.


Incomplete rules and regulations


Looking at their rules and regulations, one thing is clear. It is incomplete. Meaning that you don’t know when they are going to change their rules and regulations, and making you not following their rules. This can lead to your account being frozen or canceled. And, you will lose all the money that you have invested or deposited in their account.

Regulated brokers have standard rules and regulations and it is making sure that they aren’t able to change their rules and regulations as they please. This is another reason why 1118 Capital isn’t recommended.


Demo account is available


This is one of a few good things about 1118 Capital that we could find. That they are offering a demo account. However, it is unknown if the demo account is really working correctly.

There is also no other information about the different account options that you have, or the minimum required a deposit that you need to pay before you can start using the broker.


Website with similar names as legit brokers


Something that we found is that 1118 Capital’s name can cause confusion. This is because their name is coming close to other, legit brokers. Causing confusion when searching them and going online. This can cause you to think that they are legit and safe to use. Which they actually aren’t. Be really careful when you are searching for more information about 118 Capital. You might get the wrong info.


This is what regulators are saying about them


There are official warnings out about 1118 Capital from regulators. This is because they see the danger in using them. First of all, 1118 Capital isn’t regulated, and they don’t even have a valid address. Making them one of the brokers with the highest risks to use.

It is important to make sure that you are taking the warnings from regulators serious. They are making sure that traders are able to use brokers that are legit and safe to use. And 1118 Capital is for sure not recommended or safe to use.

1118 Capital brokers. Brokers that you can find online, but that doesn’t have any other company information about them. It is important to always make sure that a broker is legit before you deposit any money into their accounts. One thing is clear, 1118 Capital isn’t legit. There are speculations that the company doesn’t even exist, but that is just trying to get money from traders. There are much better, and more reliable brokers out there that you can use. Brokers that are registered, regulated and recommended from regulators. 1118 Capital isn’t one of them.



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