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WEBSITE: www.096n.com

Blacklisted by SFC and CONSOB

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Why is it Offline?


Today, we are going to review 096n. This broker has been creating much fuss in the forex markets but all of it for the wrong reasons.  Following, we are going to review this broker and give you our verdict. So, stick with us!


About 096N



What is 096N? 096N is or used to be a forex broker that catered to the whole forex market around the world. The broker should have had a better reception for us, but we are afraid we have to say it had not even the bare minimal in store for us. We are really downhearted seeing the website is offline now.

This is a major shocker for us, and we don’t expect things will get any better. Yes, they will only get worse from now on!


What Does it Offer?


096N is a forex broker. It deals in many tradable assets most notably currency pairs, commodities, and indices. The company offer many great initiatives but that was before it went offline. Yes, the website is no long live, therefore we were unable to pull of any valuable information for our readers.




  • Website is Down


When we logged onto website to collect data, we were unable to scratch off anything because the website is offline. Yes, the company sold the domain, and ran off. Well, its isn’t the first time we are seeing it.

This is a major red flag and it usually reaches the conclusion that the given broker or company is a fake. Or else, they would have done everything possible to keep their site live. This simply shows the company doesn’t care.



Well, this is just icing on the cake. The site is already lost, so w didn’t need an authentication that the broker is fake. Anyways, The SFC has added 096N in their blacklist. Yes, 096N is a fraud  broker that has been blacklisted because it was engaging in unethical practices.

Yes, this was the last thing this broker needed on its record.


Is 096N Legit or a Scam?


We can’t say you didn’t see that coming. It was very obvious this is fake broker. As we mentioned before, the website is offline. This was the first and only thing we needed to confirm the broker is fake. Right now, we don’t know whether to say this is or was a fraud broker. We hope you get the message anyways, stay away from it.



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